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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Nothing like humility, nope, nothing like it at all!

So, if the Dems are the "party of the people" and the Reps the "party of the rich" how come this is going on? Don't recall anything like it when the Republicans took back the House in the 90's.

And four days? Hell, when Charlie married Diana I don't remember it lasing four days!

It brings to mind a story that came out shortly after GW Bush was (finally) declared winner of the election back in 2000. Seems the Washington Press Corp was bummed out to discover the Bush family weren't quite the party animals the Clintons had been. Relatively speaking, they would rather stay home for some brisket and potato salad than go out to a ritzy restaurant. The MSM representatives had been able to live it up on their expense accounts the prior eight years. Party time was over. Bummer. Maybe that's one of the reasons they hate his guts.

And one final item, who gets to pay for this big hoopdala? Yes, it will come out of the "Pelosi Campaign war chest" but how did that get filled in the first place? Was it from poor folks scrimping and saving to help beat the plutocrat Republicans? Was Granny eating dog food for the good of the party? Or was it from the fat cats like George Soros?

Either way, I admit to being disgusted. But I've always been put off by conspicuous consumption. And we fought a war a few hundred years ago to get away from royalty. No need trying to bring it back!

Now it's time to break out the brisket for tonight's supper.

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Anonymous said...

I am not at all surprised. She's already suffering from foot in mouth disease. Every time she opens her trap, bam, her foot ends up in it.

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