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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

My rant about Islam in general.

Okay, so does one's religion inspire and guide their behavior? I'd think so, after all can't the rise of Western civilization be directly attribute to the embrace of Christianity? When you're taught to love your neighbor as yourself aren't you more likely to cooperate with that neighbor? Doesn't it follow you'll work towards projects that benefit both of you, even if at the end of the day you have to admit that deep down inside you can't stand one another? Am I making sense?

Let's consider this; Christians are taught we'll all stand before the Creator on an equal footing one day. That we're to be judged then on how well we've treated one another. Kind of puts a rein on things like slavery, civil rights violations, child abuse, etc. We're even told to go square any resentments we have with our brothers before we come to worship God. Pretty heavy shit, all in all.

Now look at the Muslim side of the coin. They're taught to bring the world to Allah, that nonbelievers can either convert, enter into a second class citizen status, or die. Woman are routinely treated as second class citizens if they're lucky. They get to wear the burqa or hajib, can be one of four wives married to a man who can divorce them as simply as stating it three times (they can't divorce him though), physical abuse is condoned against them, etc.

Homosexuals aren't too well loved by Christians but quite often they're tolerated as sinners who will hopefully repent of their ways before death. In my own faith homosexuality itself is NOT a sin, homosexual acts are. But even then the possibility of personal redemption is always there.

Now in Islam homosexuals are put to death. End of story. Any questions?

Christ said by their fruits ye shall know them, let's take a look at this past 12 months of what's been happening with the followers of Mo in the United States. Here's a by no means complete list;

-In August, Omeed Aziz Popal, an Afghani Muslim, deliberately drove into lots of people and murdered at least one, critically injuring many others and ending in front of the Jewish Community Center.

-In March, Mohammed Reza Taheri-Azar, an Iranian Muslim--inspired by Allah and hatred for America--purposely drove his Jeep into students at the University of North Carolina.

-In December, Ali R. Warrayat, a Palestinian Jordanian Muslim, drove his car into a Home Depot in Arizona, for the purpose of mass destruction of the store and those in it. He wanted to set the place ablaze. He was inspired by his anger toward America and his Koran in his trunk.

-Dr. Wameeth Fadhli, a Muslim medical doctor in Texas, who did a drive-by, "random" shooting of a bicyclist.

-A Muslim in Baltimore, Mujtaba Rabbani Jabbar, shooting and murdering a Jewish guy at a movie theater.

-A Pakistani Muslim, Naveed Haq, in Seattle shooting women at the Jewish Federation, murdering one.

Nice, huh? Well, faith without works is dead.

The point of all of this drivel I've just posted (yeah, and thanks for sticking with me this long) is to put to you the idea that Islam itself is a problem that needs addressing. This is a "religion" that appeals to the base instincts of our human nature, unlike all other major religions. It taps directly into the penchant for mischief and evil that we all have, gives it a divine approval and encourages it's followers to go out into the world and raise havoc.

Solzhenitsyn said that the thin line between good and evil can be found down the center of every human heart. Islam emphasizes the evil part, Christianity the good. If I was into End Times Prophecies I'd for sure be looking for the Anti-Christ to come out of Islam. It is an evil that must be addressed.

I realize there are decent Muslims. They go against the grain IMHO. Just as there are evil Christians who act completely contrary to the teachings of Christ, they are NOT typical. That doesn't mean they shouldn't be recognized as good human beings and treated as such. My rant here is about Islam in general. It is NOT a "religion of peace", it should be abolished in it's present form. If it's adherents can't bring about a reformation from within it should be destroyed from without. Period.

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