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Friday, December 29, 2006

The muslims aren't stupid.

No, they're certainly not, as proven here.

As I've said before, we won't have to worry about the muslims enforcing their "religion" through violent jihad in this country. It'll come about via our courts and the ballot box. The threat of a lawsuit, no matter how idiotic, is enough to cause a lot of us to STFU. Here's a quick Q & A.

Q-What drives a lot of the PC idiocy found in our schools regarding seperation of church & state?
A-Fear of lawsuits.

Q-Why are so many OB-GYN doctors getting out of their practice?
A-Fear of lawsuits (check it out, there's a real shortage for that particular reason!).

Q-What drives the push for ridiculous safety warnings found on appliances?
A-Fear of lawsuits (my favorite is the warning not to use a lawnmower as a hedge trimmer!).

I don't need to go any further I'm sure. My point is, this would be the way to cause a lot of silence as the Islamofacists wage "legal Islamism" (thanks to Daniel Pipes for that phrase) against us. Just look at some of the more ridiculous lawsuits threatened by CAIR and it's ilk about the flying imams, the chick who was praying in the middle of a locker room and blocking access for other patrons, the chick who went aboard a public bus in a burqa and is suing because the driver booted her "Cousin-It-lookalike" butt off IAW company policy. All items mentioned previously on this blog and many others.

And the beauty of this sort of thing is the Islamists don't even have to win a lawsuit. They can just bleed their less wealthy opponents dry by dragging them through the courts. Wouldn't that make a lot of us who routinely voice our opinions be a little quieter?

In the days of the Roman Empire Christians were thrown to lions, these days it'll be lawyers. IMHO, lions are less vicious.

We've got to get active politically and fight these wingnuts on every level possible. You can bet they're getting schooled to do the same in their mosques and schools. Otherwise soon we'll be deferring to these fools in a manner reserved for royalty. But in Islam I think it's called dhimmitude.

Getting active means being involved in all political arenas, even in our small town city council and Crime Watch meetings, getting active means staying on top of any proposed legislation regarding "hate crimes". A good example being the recent motion by Senator Conyers to outlaw "hate speech" against any religion with particular emphasis on Islam! We've got to stay engaged and on top of things. If we don't do these things, if we stay asleep at the switch, we'll wake up one day wondering WTF happened as our children are taught the superiority of Islam in our schools and our tax dollars are used to advance it's cause!

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Zonka said...

Well, it is to be expected from a religion that is ruled by lawyers. Most of the time of Islamic scholars and clergy are spent in perfecting sharia from the Qu'ran and "trustworthy" secondary sources, to determine what is halal and what is haram!

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