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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Scholarship for whites only.

Well, here we go again. When white people practice racial preferences it's racism, when nonwhites do it, it's making up for an uneven playing field. Phooey.

Can someone please tell me how two wrongs will make a right? Never quite got that one down.

Look I remember the 60's and hearing crap along the lines of, "they just have to be patient, equality will come in time". You can guess who "they" were. I also remember being in the Nav and hearing how blacks and Filipinos were inherently poor mechanics. Racism exists, I got it. I'll cede that point.

But does giving preferential treatment to nonwhites add to the problem or the solution? For my money it's the former. It comes directly from dealing with too many minorities who were given responsibility beyond their competence. Hey, I was eased out of a position a few years ago to make room for a minority, he's since gone on to totally fubar his job. That isn't my judgment, it's the opinion of another member of the same race who stuck around after I was canned. From my own point of view, no one owes me a job. I'll admit I saw it coming and stole everything I believed I could before getting the axe, but that's it.

So when a bunch of students try mocking the whole situation by giving scholarships to whites I've got to laugh. Because the double standard comes home so forcefully. You couldn't make this stuff up, it gets too bizarre at times. God bless them for bringing home the absurdity of it.

My take on it isn't "they have to be patient......etc." IMHO the black and Latino communities need to get over themselves, stop living in the past and move on. As I said racism DOES exist. So does sexism, ageism, prejudice against military retirees, bias against Yankees down South and against Southerners up North. The victimhood list goes on and on.

When you allow yourself to be limited by the expectations and bias of others it's your own damned fault. Playing the victim doesn't do anything except make you into a fool. I believe it was Collin Powell who said that racism is just another obstacle to overcome in life, nothing more.

Be a part of the solution, not the problem. And that applies not just to racism but to everything else that might be used to justify a "victimhood" mentality.

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