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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Yes, this is a racist post...

I firmly believe that every ethnicity has traits peculiar to that group.

In this case, judging by the pictures, it's easy to see that stupidity is perfected by white folk:

Those of us who are "melanin challenged" know how to set the standard for D-U-M-B.


Anonymous said...

It's white guilt gone crazy. I've seen it so many times on so many levels. From white bigwigs at banquets telling me about all the poetry they have read from black poets (I don't even like poetry but hey assume that I consume every last shred of anything done by 'my people'). I've seen white teachers jump down students throats for saying something that wasn't really racist, but since they were practically trying to find racism they yelled and screamed, got the principal to come in and yell and scream--and she who had so many black friends started crying about how much the civil rights movement meant to her. This behavior got the uptight black kids all flustered and started a mini race war. Meanwhile I sat back and saw that what was originally said wasn't actually racist. I saw it in a professor who sat and did nothing while I was being harassed by another student and when I confronted him insisted that he loved black people and fought for civil rights in the 60s and that I should be ashamed for accusing him of being an idiot (so its not just a cause for overreaction, but a strange kind of inaction and a cope out--he even got all choked up when talking about what he did for civil rights). I've seen it in guest speakers who happened to walk past a sit-in one day and suddenly make themselves bastions of civil rights so people would like them and want to here their heroic tales...of walking past a sit-in on their way to school. You even see it, not just in this murderers case, but in the case of the 'gay crap is a civil right'. That's because of the white guilt. The 'oppressed' group says that they are just like the oppressed black people prior to civil rights. Who is a person with extreme white guilt to argue with that? Identifying with the oppressed black is the brass ring for anyone trying to achieve social change, good or bad. People see you in the light of the people who were the victims of America's first dark period (the second being the abortion, gay crap socialism things we've got underway) and you are pretty much gold (as you can see in the case of the murderer--you can do no wrong with the white guilt-ers take up for you). In these people's minds they absolutely must make up for the crimes of people who lived hundreds of years ago--people they happen to share a skin tone with--and in the end, they end up being paranoid and in cases like the murderer and the gay crap, they are helping to destroy the country.
From a black sistah to all my white brothahs and sistahs, stop feeling guilty. You personally didn't do anything wrong. You are not part of a 'bad' or 'mean' race. Put down the black poetry book and the picket signs.

Subvet said...

CWP, thanks for stopping by. Yep, it's white guilt in action. There have been times I've felt my head would explode when I was exposed to it.

Nor do I especially like racially themed literature of ANY sort. That applies across the board. One of my relatives extolled the virtues of "Ivanhoe" to me as a child. After reading it I understood why Mark Twain had no use for Sir Walter Scott. What a piece of racist crap!

Anonymous said...

I don't feel that my head will explode when I see both sides of the white guilt (both people jumping the race-gun and people trying to show me how much they like me and 'my people'). I do however feel that I may lose control of my tightly manned restraint and strangle a smarmy self-ordained race-relations guru.

I don't like race-reads either. It would take a book of my own to explain why they make me want to scream. Having people of different races and back grounds in a book fine (as long as stereotypes are avoided) but when race is the entire source for the novel...well, now I just don't consider that entertainment. I consider it something else entirely.

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