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Sunday, February 17, 2013

All you gun nuts are insane and will be treated accordingly.

With thanks to Adrienne (btw, I'm no longer able to comment on your site unless I sign on for another server. Long story, won't do it).

Here's the link:

As the man in the video says, this has been a favorite trick of the Communists (and before them the Nazis). What constitutes a problem with mental health is always a gray area. Take for example the furor over anorexia that erupted after Karen Carpenter died. It seemed every teen girl worried about her figure was misdiagnosed as anorexic. Question: are there ANY teen girls not obsessed with their figure?

Didn't think so.

So let some new "disorder" receive attention and we gun owners could find ourselves frog marched to the nearest sanitarium. For our own good of course.


Always On Watch said...

There's no doubt about it: our 2nd Amendment rights are being attacked from every possible angle.

The words "suspected mental illness" were included in New York's recent gun law, I think.

Adrienne said...

There's a few others who can't comment either. Not sure what the deal is...

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THIS is depressing!!
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