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Friday, December 28, 2012

Thoughts on the near future.

Many of the following comments were originally part of a response to the Ignorant Redneck and a post he put up on his site. The thoughts expressed very nearly cover my beliefs regarding the coming days so they're repeated here.

Let's start with the fiscal cliff: Let the nation go off the fiscal cliff and every rabble rousing SOB will be out there stirring up trouble because their particular special interest group saw it's funding cut. That would span the gamut from welfare queens to military retirees. With all the unrest being brought to the surface we'd have a prime opportunity for Executive Orders to be issued. Let your imagination run free as to the nature of those Orders.

The furor over gun control is more of the same. Again, it's just MHO but if the seamy details of "Fast and Furious" had not come to light, wouldn't we have been presented with a "crisis" requiring immediate action? Since that fiasco has backfired (though not as badly if the MSM had done their job) we can now expect a tug on the national heartstrings as the bloody shirts from Newtown are waved throughout the land. It'll be "for the sake of the children" whenever opposition arises.

If you think one isolated case can't become a cause celebre, look at how the murder of Matthew Shepherd has provided fuel for hate crime legislation, ditto for James Byrd Jr. With the incident at Sandy Hook Elementary school providing 20 innocent victims of the most photogenic sort (i.e. fresh faced white kids), we can expect a LOT of manufactured outrage in coming weeks.

Stand by, since it's in the last allowable term in office the current Administration has nothing to lose in pushing whatever beliefs are held by it's leaders.

We. Are. Screwed.

But wait, theres more!

We're seeing the implementation of the HHS mandate coming into view. In less than two full days from the writing of this post, a national retailer (Hobby Lobby) will find itself facing penalties to the tune of over a million bucks A DAY for noncompliance. If you don't think of this as a religious liberty issue of repression, try explaining why consequence-free sexual intercourse has to be a "right" protected by private employers. This is the nanny state in action working against anyone who believes God comes before the State. So if you don't violate the First Commandment you get fined big time. Soon enough we'll see mandatory attendance at "education seminars". Think that's far fetched? Hey, it's already common for anyone convicted of DWI to be sent to attend AA meetings. How much of a leap is it for those resisting the government to be reeducated? How long before the camps open up?

Where is the outrage from the MSM? Where are the calls for the government to back off?

In less than a month there will be another March For Life in Washington, D.C. If you don't recall the one held last year don't worry, it received almost zip coverage by the MSM. Contrast that with the way the "Occupy" movement was featured in the news. This is tied in with the HHS mandate due to the fact that those in opposition to abortion/artificial birth control are increasingly marginalized and discounted. Thought control at it's finest. George Orwell would be proud.

Moving along, I mentioned earlier how the unrest generated by falling off the fiscal cliff will provide opportunities for Executive Orders. These will be used to stifle freedom in this nation.We can expect the National Guard to be mobilized against the citizenry, this will happen with increasing frequency. At the same time there will be increased participation by members of the TSA and Homeland Security in any police actions. This will enable greater repressive measures to be instituted in local cities and towns by those who don't live in those areas. Which is harder to do, crack down on your neighbors for possible crimes or do it to complete strangers?

On a related note, remember all that armor piercing ammunition that was purchased by the EPA and Social Security Administration not too long ago? You know, the stuff we were assured was only routine purchases for normal target practice? Can someone tell me where in Hell it's being stored? Who has access to it?

I'm still waiting to have it explained why "cop killer" ammo is needed to face down irate senior citizens. I haven't heard of any 80 yr. old ninjas using their walkers like katanas, have you?

It's all coming together, the dots are connecting and the picture isn't too pretty.

Normally I'd try to convince myself to ease up a bit. But when I start coming across an increasing number of folks who think as I do, it gets difficult to write it off as paranoia. And I'm seeing a LOT more folks sounding off in the same manner I have in this post.

Old AA adage: If someone calls you a jackass, it's their opinion. If two or three people call you a jackass, it's still personal opinion. But when most people you know say you're a jackass, it's time to shop for a saddle.

There are other considerations. Look at how a strike at the East Coast ports has been averted for another 30 days. If it goes into effect after Obama inauguration will it make any economic problems easier? Will it intensify the unrest?

The Trayvon Martin case will soon be back in the news. Any bets on whatever outcome it has resulting in oil being poured on the troubled waters of racial unrest in this country? SOMEBODY will be PO'ed, no matter what the resulting verdict. Here's a stupid question; Will the MSM work to calm things down or exacerbate the tension? Yeah, it's a stupid one alright.

If you think that one case like that can't have national consequences, think of the Duke Lacrosse Team of a few years back. All it took there was an opportunistic DA, a lying stripper and lots of coverage on the six o'clock news.

The more the pot of popular unrest gets stirred, the more crises that shouldn't be wasted get generated. All it initially takes is a major problem like running off a fiscal cliff, having the economy take a severe downturn (or be reported as having done so) and the foundation is laid.

It's all coming together. It isn't pretty.

God's will be done, may He have mercy on us all.

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Anonymous said...

Something just feels wrong at this point. I try to tell myself that I'm just freaking myself out, but other people are feeling it too--I guess you could say we're all window shopping for saddles. I feel this driving need to protect myself, to prepare for the worst--and its not because of the last ten years jam packed with tragedy and disappointment, but then, maybe it is as because of it, I can now pick up on tension and feelings of wrongness like a hound and I haven't been wrong yet--but then I wonder how much good it will do, how far I can go before preparation is pointless. I'm sure there are saints in history that were living in hard times and prepared, but at the end they came to the point where they knew that it was the end of the line and they became martyrs or died from the sad circumstances. I'm sure that when there was persecution or civil unrest, they didn't jump at the chance to die, they probably hunkered down until they couldn't.
And it seems to be coming in from all sides--I wonder what's going to be the biggest problem we common folks face. Crazy gov't gone crazy socialist? Crazy civil unrest? Crazy economics? Crazy persecution? Do I focus more on hoarding precious metals and cash? MREs? Mace, ammo and guns? Contacts to priests that have gone underground so I can get to covert Mass? At this point, I'm already prepared for my future PhD in a field that is in dire need for new people to be completely useless at some point with all that's going on...I'll be speaking with Christ about this at the tabernacle tomorrow...I'll pray for you and IR as well Subvet...
God help us all.

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