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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Time to dig in and fight

Found this via

As if President Barack Obama hasn’t done enough to sour his re-election prospects with Catholic voters due to the egregious mandate requiring them to pay for abortion-causing drugs and birth control, now Obama has added insult to injury.

In an interview with television station WWL, Obama answered questions from local viewers. As Media reports, one viewer asked him about the mandate and the supposed religious exemption — that has been universally criticized by pro-life, Catholic and Protestant religious groups for being so narrowly drawn that virtually no one can opt out.

As WWL’s Karen Swenson told Obama: “(Viewer Michael Varino) describes himself as a Catholic voter and wrote ‘What can you say about a healthcare bill that’ll mandate insurance companies to provide birth control, sterilization, etc. to employees of Catholic universities, hospitals and churches since this goes against the Catholic religion? We know there is compromising language in place.

Some say it doesn’t go far enough and that the real, the much bigger issue is religious liberty, not contraception.”

Obama defended the opt out, saying, “Yeah. Well it’s absolutely true that religious liberty is critical. That’s what our country was founded on. That’s the reason why we exempted churches, we exempted religious institutions.

Obama then added that he thought religious hospitals, like Catholic institutions, and universities that employ non-Catholics and receive federal funds should be required to cover abortion-causing drugs, birth control, and contraception under Obamacare. He said the idea that women would have to bear “the burden and the cost” was not right.

“But we did say that big Catholic hospitals and universities that employ a lot of non-Catholics and who receive a lot of federal money — that for them to be in position to ay to a woman who works there that you can’t get that from your insurance company even though the institution isn’t paying for it — that that crosses the line and the woman is going to have to bear the burden and pay the cost for that,” Obama said.

“That’s not fair,” Obama said.

(End of story, my comments follow)

This reminds me of the old joke; "Why does a dog lick his genitals?". The answer, "Because he can" applies to any questioning of Obama's actions. He can, thinks he can, as a matter of fact he KNOWS he can and confidently expects to get away with it.

Proof positive of that happens in November.

Color me paranoid, I think he'll pull it off. Too damned many people don't care, they want security. Even the false security of "Obamacare" will suffice. Too many of us have become whores for entitlements. I realized this years ago when the Fleet Reserve Association started beating the drum for concurrent receipt of both VA and retirement benefits for those military members who qualified for both. If you're not familiar with the topic, for decades those retiring from the military with service-connected disabilities were able to draw their checks either from the Dept. of Defense or the Veteran's Administration. But not both. Qualifying for the VA meant your disability had a rating of 14% or greater. Single amputees, the blind, etc. qualified for 100% VA compensation. I know this because my father received VA benefits.

The reason to opt for the VA payments over the conventional payments from the DOD was anything from the VA was tax free. Your standard military retirement isn't and I've the tax records to prove it. Call it unfair, that's how that particular cookie crumbles.

But the push came for those eligible for both a retirement check and VA compensation to get both. I absolutely refuse to debate whether or not someone with over 20 yrs. service who gets blinded in a war zone does/does not deserve all his nation can provide. Read my profile and you'll be able to take a good guess.

But the way the argument has been too often framed has reminded me of nothing more than welfare queens in a uniform. Sorry, but the "gimme, gimme, gimme" line of reasoning turns me off. IMO it comes from a notion of entitlement. The same notion exhibited by too many of our fellow citizens  and exhibited in the same manner with a complete disregard for the better welfare of the nation.

Soon when the nation's best men and women sound dismayingly like our worst, it says a lot about our culture and nothing good. Again, I won't deny the validity of the argument, only the manner of it's phrasing.

Back to the initial story.

Obama and his cohorts have promised the moon with a back fence around it. Their failure to deliver, the criminal shenanigans this Administration has engaged in (think "Fast & Furious"), the constant coverup on the part of the MSM allayed with ignoring any dissent (the March For Life in DC this past January comes to mind), all forebode ill. With the aforementioned sense of entitlement from too many of our fellow citizens, a promise of more bread and circuses will either keep Obama in office or allow at best an "ObamaLite" version to unseat him. We haven't picked leaders with any real guts in a very, very long time. What we've got is a bunch of fools who hold their fingers to the wind before saying anything. Those who eschew such fainthearted posturing are speedily marginalized and rendered impotent (Cain, Bachmann, etc.).

Already theres talk of the difficulty in rescinding Obamacare. It's coming from members of the GOP, they know it appeals to some voters. If the appeal is greater than the outrage, look for a lot of foot dragging and half-hearted attempts to reverse it.

How does this apply to the Catholic Church and any other religious entities objecting to the HHS mandate? Simple, they'll be ignored as much as possible (did you know of the Fortnight for Freedom? Did you see it covered by the MSM?). When ignoring them doesn't work, look for the actions of Church dissidents to be played up as the "norm" for American Catholics, led by those shining lights; Nancy Pelosi & Joe Biden.

Pardon me while I gag.

To end it all, any further disagreers with the mandate will be cast as rather odd misanthropes who are speedily dispatched by the IRS, aided by other government agencies such as CPS, EPA, etc.

So what are we to do?

Before offering an answer, first look at our entire culture and how it has degenerated. Not only are we to tolerate homosexual activity, it's now being taught as a normal behavior in our schools. For proof of this look to Massachusetts where gay marriage is legal, therefore in the human sexuality classes of elementary & middle schools it's taught as just another way of living.

Not enough? Look at how our borders are as porous as a sieve, made all the worse by actions such as this:

How about the followers of the Pedophile Prophet? Well our current Administration has no problem getting cozy with the likes of these fools:

But I shouldn't focus just on the current crop of fools in Foggy Bottom. It was George W.Bush who reassured us that "Islam is a religion of peace". Noted.

Still with me? Check out the absurd debate over voter ID laws. Check out how easy it is for a kid to get an abortion without her parent's consent. The beat goes on.

Again the question; So what are we to do?

Hellfino. But my father-in-law pines for another country to move to. He's given up and I certainly can't blame him. Unfortunately I'm not built that way. I say "unfortunately" because this mule headed manner of thinking has never got me anything but grief. Stupid is as stupid does.

I think we should stand firm, find a favorite topic and focus on it. Lord knows theres enough wrong right now that to fight for our values on all fronts invites insanity.

My own focus has shifted over the last few years. I now focus on issues touching on my religion. Theres no lack of those issues.

Recently on Pop's blog: he referenced a historical document that was meant for it's time. But now the sentiments within it hold a hell of a lot of relevance for us today. Please follow the hyperlink to it, and while reading it consider that our enemies today are not from some foreign shore but from our own neighborhoods. Remember that the responses of our Revolutionary forefathers were fueled by sentiments that should move us now. While I don't advocate grabbing a gun and shooting someone, I most certainly feel we should steel ourselves for a lot of grief and speak our minds long, loud and clear. Follow that up with whatever action (letter to the editor or legislator, stand in picket lines, etc.) is called for.

Here's the link:

My favorite portion was: "If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace;"

God's will be done.

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