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Friday, July 13, 2012

Condoleezza Rice as Veep?

No way, no how.

If she's picked it'll be an example of political pandering at it's finest. She'll get the nod because A) she's black and B) she's a woman. Yes, she is also a highly accomplished politician who is intelligent, gutsy, stands by what she says. But those figure in as second place considerations for her being put on the ballot. That assumes she'll be offered the job.

I'd hold my nose and vote for Romney/Rice even with the above holding true. But Rice is also "mildly pro-choice" and that is her own description of her beliefs. Besides making my scratch my head and mutter "WTF, does that mean she considers aborted babies only mildly dead", it runs smack dab into my beliefs.

Sorry, I'm already leary of Romney for all of his past flip flops and RomneyCare. Add a prochoice Veep to the mix and I'll be voting for whatever third party candidate more accurately mirrors my views.


Bill said...

yes any hope of a politician saving this country is rapidly disappearing over the horizon. How about a good man like Allen West as VP?

Subvet said...

Allen West is definetly the type we need. Unfortunately the GOP national machine is busy trying to be a "moderate" version of their jackass counterparts.

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