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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Big Brother is becoming a pain in my ass.

In my first post after having my knee replaced, I mentioned how the wife and I had been chosen to participate in an HHS survey. We decided against it because the way the notification was worded it seemed just an exercise in someone asking us slanted questions to get the answers they'd want.

So when the pollster showed at the door, identified herself and her purpose followed by a request to speak to the wife, I told the woman the wife was sleeping but I'd be glad to answer the questions. All of which was true. Yes, we'd decided not to participate but I'm a sucker for these things.

Anyway, I was politely told my wife was the one they desired to interview. After I repeated she was asleep the pollster left, saying perhaps she'd try later.

Well since then there have been two more attempts, both in the middle of the afternoon when the better half IS asleep and both times my offer to be interviewed was turned down. At the last try I opined it almost sounded very selective to want an interview with women under forty (the requirements cited to me). I phrased it so the idea of age discrimination was evident. That was vehemently denied. Big surprise.

Yesterday we got an actual letter addressed to the "Female Resident" of our home. It stressed the importance of this survey in the continuation of health benefits from the government and would the wife please agree to participate. After reading the damned thing she observed that the whole affair was beginning to border on harassment.

So she called the dingbat who had been trying to interview her, left a message on voicemail that emphatically stated her disinterest. That should be the end of things.

But for some reason, I'm thinking it won't be.

Damned busybody nannystaters.

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THIS is depressing!!
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