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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

"Arab Spring", where we're at and where we're going...

This is a first hand account of whats going on in Egypt:

Yet the talking heads in the MSM are giddy about the supposed freedoms being brought about by the ousting of Mubarak. More lies, more spin in order to further the aims of our present Administration.

The same Administration that stayed mum while the Iranian dissidents were dying in the streets two years ago.

The same Administration that spoke out when the Honduran military, acting in accordance with their nation's Constitution, ousted President Manuel Zelaya after he sought to extend his reign.

The same Administration that assured China any concern over human rights would be tabled in favor of trade negotiations.

Do I have to go on?

Now the fools in Foggy Bottom are aligning themselves with the "Occupy Wall Street" tantrum throwers. Is this in hopes of riding a soon to be born tiger of social change in our nation?

Could the tiger's birth be brought about by the EPA regulations set to go into effect in January? These regulations are projected to remove anywhere from 8-25% of our electric power generating capability, resulting in nationwide rolling blackouts and skyrocketing electrical rates. When those rates go up, so will the cost of everything else.

Prior to Hitler's rise, a loaf of bread cost a wheelbarrow full of German currency. The lousy economy was instrumental in bringing "Der Fuhrer" to power. In Germany of the 1930's a large part of their problem were the conditions of the Treaty of Versailles. Could a deliberately engineered repetition of those conditions here help another demagogue to power? Just as the Nazis could use the Jews as scapegoats in energizing their base, could various groups in this nation (Jews, wealthy, Religious Right, etc.) serve the same purpose?

But a comparison to Hitler and Germany of his time isn't the only one that can be made. I'm thinking of Mao's takeover, where property owners were executed, professors were sent off for "rehabilitation". Or Russia when the Soviets took over and all farm land was collectivized.

Sinclair Lewis wrote, "It Can't Happen Here" in 1935. Read the sucker if you can. Maybe he was onto something. The possible parallels to our own time are just a bit scary.

I began this post on the topic of the "Arab Spring" and how it is anything but a new dawning of freedom for those living in Muslim countries. The post seems to have morphed into an observation of how our nation is heading down a path it never should have gone, led by those who keep quiet whenever true freedom lovers are oppressed but speak out in favor of despots. It's also become an open question of just where the Hell we're headed.

My guess is, nowhere anyone sane would want to go.

I see a bunch of damned fools aligning themselves with clueless anarchists occupying Wall Street and other financial districts in the land. I see an Administration up to it's neck in an operation that provided high powered firearms to the Mexican drug cartels. I see a President who favors killing the unborn at all times of a pregnancy for whatever reason may present itself. I see a Health & Human Services under his sway trying to mandate the dispensing of birth control pills, abortion on demand, etc from all hospitals no matter what their religious affiliation. An EPA gone hog wild and trampling over the rights of anyone in their path. A Department of Homeland Security that furtively issues a memo for all the nation's police to be aware of "right wing extremists" and their groups being the fertile recruiting grounds for domestic terrorists. That same agency, along with the Department of Justice, does backflips through hoops to avoid placing followers of Islam in the same category. The aforementioned Dept. of Justice has dismissed a case of outright voter intimidation, solely on the grounds of the ethnicity of the perpetrators. The same agency that refuses to enforce DOMA (a duly enacted law of the land).

I see all of this and I wonder what the future holds for my kids? What does it hold for any one of us?

Now I think I'll get some more ammo. It'll eventually get used at the range if nowhere else. Better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.


Old Bob said...

Excellent post, Subvet, and thanks! I know from reading history that Islam will never stop until it has conquered the world or has been annihilated. I know from history and from my dad (1915-2002) that when the Communists come to power anywhere, the first thing they do is execute those who helped them: "If they can make a revolution for us, they can make one against us."

ignorant redneck said...

Damn Subvet--you're getting as bleak minded as me!!!! But you've said nothing I can disagree with.

Richard Evans wrote a three volume history of the Third Reich, and Vol 1 and 2 have so many parallels to what's going on now that i lose sleep over it!

Fuzzy Slippers said...

Yep, stock up on bullets. And food and water. Like you said, if you don't need it, so what? Even Yay! But if you need it and don't have it . . . .

Subvet said...

Old Bob, between Islam and the idiots now trying to remake our nation I've my doubts about our longevity. Note I really didn't touch on a host of other things such as the growing problem with Mexican narco gangs, the actions of militant gays within our nation, etc. The bottom line is that barring some kind of miracle, we're screwed and in the near future too.

Subvet said...

IR, the problem is that so many of us are seeing pretty much the same scenario. So if we're nuts then there are a lot of us. As an example; the other day I commented on Adrienne's blog and she responded that I was coming up with the same scenario as Glenn Beck.

I don't even listen to Beck and haven't for a few years now. Too many of my own activities keep me from hearing his program. Yet we're on the same page.

It isn't just him either, it's you, it's various clergymen I follow and my wife has contact with, the list goes on across a wide swath of society. So many of us from so many different backgrounds and beliefs, all seeing the same damned thing.

It ain't good.

Subvet said...

Fuzzy, yep and I certainly hope there won't be a need. But I've really got my doubts about that one.

Anthony S. Layne said...

Maybe I should recycle a post I wrote last year and update it ... I'm about as pessimistic as you about our prospects.

sig94 said...

"Better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it."

Right behind Rom. 10:9, these are words to live by.

Subvet said...

Anthony, I've read that post you've linked to. Seems we're on the same wavelength. As I've already said, that in and of itself is something I find disturbing. Not just for you and I to agree (quite often our thinking is very similar) but for so many of us to come to the same conclusions.

Subvet said...

Sig94, yep. Old military habit die hard and even when they weren't generated by combat experience they're damned useful. The passage from Romans is definetly of first importance though, it defines where we'll spend eternity.

Steve "scotju" Dalton said...

It's not an "Arab spring", it's a Muslim winter!

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