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Friday, December 03, 2010

This is funny?

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December 3, 2010

The winner at last night's "Funniest Celebrity" competition in Washington D.C. was White House speechwriter Jon Lovett. In a quip he made about the TSA's pat downs, he said, "it's giving a way for, you know, defrocked priests to get their lives back together, giving back to the community, lend a…Well, not lend a hand, but you know."

Catholic League president Bill Donohue responds as follows:

Had this been some flunky entertainer appearing in an urban comedy club, no one would blink an eye. But it is at least an interesting window into the mind of one of the speechwriters for the president of the United States: Jon Lovett could have chosen a million examples to poke fun at the TSA, so it is revealing that what he settled on was a former priest guilty of sexual molestation.

This is an administration that has bent over backwards not to offend Muslims. Even in a comedic forum, it would never countenance a joke of this sort that targeted an imam. But for Catholic priests, the White House obviously has a different standard.

At the very least, Lovett should never be given an assignment ever again that touches on matters Catholic. And quite frankly, a statement by President Obama on this issue is entirely warranted. We can’t have one standard for Muslims and another for Catholics.

(End of story. My comments follow.)

Yep. Funny as a rubber crutch.

IMO Donohue is right on target. The whole reason we have a TSA is due to Muslims. If anyone should be the target of jokes about intrusive pat down searche, it should be those idiots. Then again, you could bet your sweet ass there'd be a howl heard across the land as every follower of the Pedophile Prophet and their sycophants in the media protested. Violence couldn't be ruled out either.

But now, as always, Christians & Jews in general and Catholics in particular are fair game.

Just my opinion.


Teresa said...

I agree with you. Bill Donohue is spot on!! Islamofascists are given a free pass while faithful, peaceful, Christians are the target of unjust attacks. This is messed up.

Subvet said...

Teresa, look for things to get much worse before they get better.

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