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Friday, December 03, 2010

How to skyrocket the cost of your kid's graduation...

Found this at via

WOODSTOCK, Ga. -- A graduation controversy in Cherokee County won’t be settled, at least for now.

A group wants Cherokee County to stop holding graduations at a church.

But the school system said it’s the only location large enough and that finding another venue would cost thousands of dollars.

Channel 2 Action News reporter Tony Thomas attended a school board meeting Thursday night where both sides expressed opinions.

“It’s more of a venue than it is a church,” said student Koby Smith.

For the past several years, all Cherokee County high schools have held their graduations at First Baptist Woodstock. It's cheap and holds more than 6,000 people. But now convenience is clashing with a potential court battle.

Washington, D.C.-based group Americans United for the Separation of Church and State is threatening to sue the school district if this year’s graduation ceremonies are held in the massive church.

Jessica Serrand agrees with the group. She graduated from Sequoya High School last year and skipped her ceremony because of the location.

“Because I just couldn't go with the huge cross behind me,” said Serrand.

The Serrand family and their rabbi appeared to be in the vast minority at the meeting. The district's lawyer insists there is no other venue big enough in or near Cherokee County. The church only charges the district $2,000. Cobb Energy Center, by comparison, would cost $40,000.

“We as a community should not allow an outside group to intimidate us,” said parent Greg Nixon.

No one left happy Thursday night. The school board delayed any decision until next month, when three new board members will come on board.

(Story ends here. My commentary follows.)

What a colossal crock of shit. The idiots threatening the school district seem to have no problem with an increased cost of over 38,ooo dollars to the taxpayer. All because their feelings might be hurt. B-U-L-L-S-H-I-T!

And I don't believe this is being pushed primarily by the Jews, although the former student quoted is obviously Jewish. I'd say that is intentional misdirection on whoever in the local media is sympathetic to the group pushing this. "Blame it on the Jews" is still a very popular game in our culture (come to my inlaws house sometime when current events are discussed, bring your own Kevlar). IMO it's a two-for-one deal, the local Christians get trashed and the Jews are set up to take a good part of the fall for it.

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Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you...OK Here is my take on the gig especially after reading the whole story. Problem is space. So give the students each two tickets for graduation (One for Mom and one for Dad) Brothers and sisters friends all stay home have a party afterward. ...Have the ceremony in the gym. If this is not acceptable them have it at the Cobb Energy Center and charge $100.00 for each ticket. That will take the taste out of the mouths of those who are complaining. Then you have the Third plan --- The Mall of Jesus! Most people don't think of options and alternatives before trying to piss on a parade. Oh one last thing to the Serrand family and their Rabbi. I would hope that they would welcome me to their Synagogue if I wanted to visit. I have no problem with the Star of David or the Torah hanging around... Can't people think of it as some one welcoming them into their homes??? Talk about reverse discrimination.

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