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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

On the elections and their aftermath...

I see a lot of optimism about the upcoming elections in a few weeks, also for the ones in 2012. Without a doubt there's a-gonna be a rumble in the jungle as the chains come off Chang The Conservative.

But I don't see a whole lot of recognition that there's going to be a backlash. The liberal Dems won't go easily into that good night. They'll fight tooth and nail, whenever there's a chance for a recount they'll call it. The fun won't stop there either.

Politics has no civility now. So look for more voter intimidation going on at the polls, look for lost ballots, "discovered" ballots, misplaced ballots, etc. Look for a breakdown of voting machines, ten thousand votes from a town of five thousand, lots of names on the registration rolls traced to obituaries.

After the night of Nov. 2nd we can expect a lot of unrest, to put it mildly. The liberal fear mongers and demagogues will be out in force and won't fade away quickly.

That's just what'll happen after Nov. 2nd of this year. Come 2012 it'll get a lot worse, a lot more intense.

When B.O. was elected I had my wife take a gun to work for the first couple of weeks. Call it tinfoil hat thinking, but there it was. My family, my responsibility, end of story. I'd heard enough hate filled rhetoric leading up to the election and haven't lived in a choir loft for most of my life.

Nothing happened. I was as wrong as a football bat.

But in coming days I'll be keeping an eye on the news, listening to the radio and scouring the web. Because these are strange times, that isn't just my opinion either. Maybe she'll be taking that gun to work again. I'd rather be a fool for overreacting than a fool weeping by a grave.

I've heard from other bloggers and acquaintances how they fear for the future. They often sound a common theme, i.e. Christians in general and Catholics in particular are in the cross hairs of history. A few of these individuals are extremely intelligent, as an example one holds a doctorate in philosophy and speaks three languages (no they're not English, Bad English and Horrible English either). So not every one I deal with is a Neanderthal.

So for now, I'm just keeping my eyes and ears open while I pray a lot more.

When B.O. was elected my biggest fear was of what he'd do to this nation. So far he's been the most polarizing influence I've seen in decades. So the fear is well founded.

Now my fear is for what might happen in coming days. Funny how becoming a family man can suck your spine out. I used to be told I was nuts for taking midnight walks where I lived in Connecticut. The ones telling me that were all recovering addicts/alcoholics. Not exactly a bunch of pansies, some of them had done serious time in the state pens. There were also other incidents that earned me the reputation of being crazy as an outhouse rat.

But now I fear for my family and their future.

We've the curse of living in interesting times. Stand by.


WomanHonorThyself said...

youre spot on my friend but we will have to deal with the backlash as well!..Carry on!..tis almost November.:)

Anonymous said...

Interesting times, indeed. But as old vets, both you and I know that a prudent man ALWAYS keeps his powder dry.

Adrienne said...

Sub - It's called prudence.

I hold your view that things are going to get way worse before we see any improvement. I'm grateful to be living in North Idaho on 5 acres (I can see the crazies approaching - heh)

Mary Ellen/Nunly said...

Yes, we are living in crazy times.

Politics in Illinois (especially in Chicago) has always been dirty, but I believe it's only going to get worse as time goes on. I've been sickened by the politics in this country for a long time, but I never thought it would come down to the hateful rhetoric that we are seeing today. Can you imagine if, back in the 60's, a candidate called a woman a whore and then refused to even admit it was wrong? Can you imagine in the 50's or 60's if you would see a debate with a woman who is a prostitute and some black guy yelling that he was from the party of "The Rent is Too Damned High"? This goes beyond "silly season" outright insane and morally sick.

And I do believe that the Catholic Church is under tremendous persecution and as long as we have "Progressive Democrats"...or Socialist Democrats, I should say, that are running the show--the persecution is going to get worse. They are doing everything they can to wipe out any semblance of Christianity in this country with their misinterpretation of the separation of Church and State. We have Obama to thank for that. There is no one in this world who can convince me that Obama is a Christian or holds any form of Christian belief.

This country is in deep trouble and it would be no surprise to me to see our country in a deep economic Depression within the next three years. Of course, if the Republicans take hold of the House and/or Senate, Obama will blame them for the mess he made.

ABNPOPPA said...

When obama is un-elected in 2012 who will be the village idiot?


Most Rev. Gregori said...

Mary Ellen/Nunly is spot on. That so-called debate with complete mental morons, the "Rent is too Damn High clown, the Prostitute and the rest was one big disgusting farce and those who put it on should be ashamed of themselves. The United States is going down the tubes and they insult our intelligence with that garbage.

We better watch each others backs because things are going to get rough.

She is also right about Obama not being a Christian. A DAMN LIAR Yes, a Christian, no way.

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