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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

On burning the Koran...

For whatever happens I blame the MSM.

They took a story that rightfully belonged on the back pages and gave it major coverage. So the thing has been blown out of all proportion to it's real importance.

That church in Gainsville? It has a congregation of about fifty regulars. Yet to listen to the talking heads you would think it's followers could fill St. Patrick's Cathedral in NYC until there was standing room only.

They're a splinter group. Nuts. Fools.

But with all the publicity, they're now faced with either looking stupid or lighting a match and possibly setting off a lot of those who follow the Pedophile Prophet. Remember the furor over the Danish cartoons of Mohammad? Remember what happened after the MSM carried a story about Korans being flushed down a toilet at Gitmo?

(Speaking as a man who always has to flush twice because of my POS water-saving toilet, I'd WANT a commode that I could flush a book down! YAH, BABY!!)

So now a good portion of the world is waiting to see what will happen on Saturday. My bet is they'll light a match. We'll all wait and see what a bunch of pinheaded fools will do.

Its really stupid. But if they don't go through with it, a good portion of the Islamofacists will feel the Great Satan has been tamed to the point where we fear their anger.

It reminds me of an old game we played aboard the boats. Basically one guy would dare another to do something (normally something dumb). The wording was always the same, i.e. "You don't have the hair on your ass to (fill in the blank here). "

Sometimes proving you had enough hair on your ass could be painful. But you didn't want to back down, word would travel fast that you'd lost your nerve. Yep, a stupid, testosterone fueled juvenile game. But it got a lot of traction back then.

IMO the airing of this story to the degree it has experienced now leaves that dumbshit pastor and his flock hearing a collective, "You don't have the hair on your ass to burn the Koran."

This could get damned interesting.

As I said, I fault the MSM for whatever the outcome of all of this is. Damn them, damn them to Hell. It should never have gotten the publicity it has.


Unknown said...

It was a slow news day when that story broke. They created their paycheck for the week. Maybe that church could throw a few copies of local newspapers into the fire, too?

Subvet said...

Arby, better yet, they can throw whatever news media shows up into that fire!

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