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Monday, April 26, 2010

Things are heating up... what may be seen as an ongoing persecution of the Catholic Church. A persecution that started increasing in direct proportion to counter cultural statements coming from it's leaders. Those statements would include condemnation of any Catholic voting for a pro-abort Presidential candidate, condemnation of any efforts to formally recognize same sex "marriages", etc. I'm sure you get the drift.

Here's an example of the latest ramping up of the attacks;

The main point of my post on this isn't to refute anything Christopher Hitchens may write. That is routinely done by other bloggers and Catholic apologists and in a far better manner than I could do it.

What I'll call attention to is that this drivel comes from the print edition of Newsweek, not just an entry on a scarcely read blog but an article that will be included in a major magazine taking space in bookstores, newsstands and libraries all over the nation. This Christianity-loathing atheist has been given a bully pulpit and handed a megaphone to have his rants heard.

Ya think that would have happened even ten years ago? If so, I've a portion of a bridge I own that's for sale. Lets meet and see if you might be interested.

I don't remember anything like this (or a lot of other present day madness) happening in the last forty or fifty years. Not in this country.

Those of us who are Catholic should pay attention to how things fall out in the next decade or so. Get active politically and let your voice be heard around the office water cooler. Staying silent will only help our enemies in this.

Just my opinion.

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