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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

B.O. shows his true colors...

So for all of those who thought B.O. would be airing out the stench of political partisanship & corruption once he was sworn in, there's this little nugget. Found via at

Obama: Holding me to my promises is just an ‘old Washington game’
By: David Freddoso
Online Opinion Editor
04/27/10 8:39 AM PDT

For those who thought they could take President Obama at his word on taxes, you might have made a mistake. He does not seem too wedded to the idea of keeping campaign promises not to raise “any form of tax” for those making less than $250,000 a year,

When reporters ask him about the promise, he says they’re just playing some “old Washington game.”

In remarks introducing his debt commission today, Obama said he would not ask the commission to abide by his campaign promise when it produces its recommendations.

"Of course this means that all of you, our friends in the media, will ask me and others once a week, or once a day, about what we are willing to rule out or rule in when it comes to the recommendations of the commission. That’s an old Washington game…so I wanted to deliver this message today: we’re not playing that game. I’m not gonna say what’s in, I’m not gonna say what’s out".

To put it another way, "You were all stupid. You trusted me."

But I believe there are a fair number of prolife folks who voted for this guy that are already aware of that sentiment from our Chief Executive.

2012 is a long way off.


Rick said...

It is incredible how someone can weasel out of something as basic as keeping one's word or fulfilling one's promises as a "Washington game". This man knows that he no chance in hell to be re-elected so he is just raping lady liberty and the nation while his cadre of Democrats fend her defenders off.

Unknown said...

So, being held to a campaign promise is a "Washington Game." Does this truly surpise anyone? Well, anyone who paid attention during the campaign? Liars lie. Where is the surprise?

Most Rev. Gregori said...

I have stated many times that Obama is a consummate liar, always was, always will be.

I never trusted him from the very first time I saw him on television when he addressed the Democratic National Committee a couple of years ago. I see no reason for me to start trusting him now.

Subvet said...

Rick, "incredible" is just the start. But when he has the unswerving allegiance of the MSM and the self-styled intelligentsia of this nation, I'd guess he can get away with a lot. As for "no chance in Hell to be re-elected...", I'm not going to bet the farm on that one yet.

Arby, no surprise at all for anyone who kept their eyes open during the runup to his election. Too bad so many didn't.

Rev. Gregori, like yourself I've not trusted this guy from Day One. He's a snake and always will be one.

ABNPOPPA said...

Echo, Echo,Echo all the commenter.

MightyMom said...

makes me wanna puke.

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