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Sunday, April 25, 2010

MSM spin on Arizona's immigration law...

This was found via at Deutsche Presse-Agentur, which seems to be a German site. It doesn't matter where they're located, the MSM can be counted on to spin what they don't like into something ominously monstrous;

Mexico City - A strict new anti-immigration law enacted by the US state of Arizona is 'an obstacle to the solution of common problems' in North America, according to the Mexican government. No mention made anywhere of what the Mex government might be doing. Our border is a safety valve, allowing the discontented to seek a better life without changing the Mexican status quo.

President Felipe Calderon said Saturday that the draconian law signed by the US border state's Governor Janice Brewer the previous day would hurt US-Mexico relations. "draconian"? The damned thing allows police to check citizenship status only if they have reasonable cause to be suspicious of whoever they're speaking to. How in hell is that "draconian"?

'The criminalization of the migration phenomenon, far from contributing to cooperation between Mexico and the state of Arizona, represents an obstacle for the solution of common problems,' Calderon said. "Criminalization"? Hey amigo, they're here illegally. That means a crime has already been committed. By the illegal immigrant. No illegal immigrant, no crime. It's that simple.

US President Barack Obama also criticized Arizona's initiative. Well that figures, if he has his way they'll all be full blown citizens by 2012 and willing to keep him in office.

Mexico's Secretary of Foreign Relations Patricia Espinosa had condemned the Arizona measure on Friday. She said the government would use all available means to assist Mexican migrants affected by the new law. Isn't that admitting intent to aid and abet criminal acts? Not exactly a gesture to be found in a nation's allies.

So other than illegal drugs and illegal aliens, what the hell does Mexico provide us? Just wondering.

But the main point I'm trying to make is the full attack by this so-called objective media outlet. As previously stated, it makes no difference where the location the MSM will demonize their opponents in a heartbeat.

Which is why the blogosphere is becoming more of a news source. It's also biased as hell but at least dissenting voices are heard.

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