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Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Found via Pewsitter at

WARNING: Don't read this immediately after eating or if you have a sensitive stomach!

Philadelphia and federal authorities who raided a doctor's office after allegations a woman died following an abortion made a shocking discovery: more than two dozen frozen fetuses.

For the second time in four days, Philadelphia Police, along with State Licensing officials and DEA agents, searched the West Philadelphia office of Dr. Kermit Gosnell on Monday.

Sources tell Eyewitness News that the search came after a patient reportedly died following an abortion on November 20.

According to the State Board of Medicine, Dr. Gosnell had an unlicensed staff member conduct vaginal exams and administer medication.

In the November 20 case, the state claims the staff member administered Demerol, Promethazine and Diazepam to the female patient.

After the doctor arrived at the clinic, the patient was given more medication. After the doctor performed an abortion, the patient started to have an arrhythmia and later died, state officials said. Autopsy results are pending.

Sources also told Eyewitness News that during the search, investigators recovered more than two dozen fetuses stored in a freezer, some dating back 30 years.

The fetuses are now being analyzed to reveal if illegal late-term abortions may have been performed.

Records indicate that back in 1995, Gosnell was publicly reprimanded by the State Licensing Board which found he ''employed a physician's assistant that was not certified ... saw at least one patient and treated him."

Gosnell's patients, many treated at the office for years, were surprised to learn about the investigation.

"Very good doctor. Very good doctor. I've known him for years from my family," one patient told Eyewitness News.

Attempts to contact Dr. Gosnell at his home, office, by phone, and through an attorney were unsuccessful.

Dr. Gosnell's license has been temporarily suspended. So far, he has not been charged with any criminal wrongdoing.

The investigation is ongoing.

What kind of ghoul does this? He probably broke no law but this still falls WAY outside any notion of decency.

If anyone reading this is thinking, "So? What's so wrong about this?", try to imagine an orthopedic surgeon specializing in amputations who kept the severed limbs of his patients. Never mind the legality of one or the other, just imagine that particular scenario and the outrage that would follow.

What kind of a ghoul does this?

I read this and think of the "prochoice" defense of abortionists and how they often portray them as sensitive and caring, true defenders of women's "rights". Noted.

"Sensitive and caring", my ass!


Mary Ellen said...

Dr. Gosnell's license has been temporarily suspended? Temporarily?? The man should lose his license to practice medicine altogether...and I would hope he would get jail time but you know that won't happen.

Do you know the sad thing? If this guy was found to be storing the bodies of puppies in his freezer, the public would be outraged, but babies? Not so much.

Unknown said...

What’s the best way to hide your crime? Keep the evidence in your freezer. Hey, it worked for 30 years. You would have thought that there would have been some place to dispose of the evidence in 30 years. As to your question, the type of ghoul who does this is simply a murderer. A sick, twisted, creative, murderer.

Subvet said...

Mary Ellen, you've hit the nail on the head. Save the puppies and to hell with the babies.

Arby, exactly.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Depravity abounds.

Rose said...

The report states that a woman died. Ummmm, how 'bout that baby she was carrying?

And wasn't Roe v. Wade supposed to make sure that everyone had access to high-quality "reproductive care"? Wasn't it supposed to get rid of the back-alley types and all that?

I can see the spin on this already--"if only she'd gone to a Planned Parenthood clinic for a government-funded abortion, the mom would have lived." The baby, of course, is dead either way. But not enough people will mention that part.

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