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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Babykilling ala Jerry Springer...

This is sick.

San Diego, Calif., Jan 24, 2010 / 07:06 am (CNA).- A new webcast series will focus on the fictional stories of three women who face unintended pregnancies. It will allow viewers to choose how the characters’ stories will end for the final episode.

Yellow Line Studio said the premiere of BUMP+ would be Friday, Jan. 22. Thirteen episodes will follow in February and March, the California Catholic Daily reports.

“From Juno and Bella to Glee and Desperate Housewives, a woman’s right to choose has been explored across the media landscape,” said the series’ executive producer Dominic Iocco. “What makes BUMP+ different from the others is that we’re letting the viewers decide how our characters’ stories will end. We’ve opened the official website to comments and our team will craft the final episodes based on audience feedback. Their choice really is up to you.” (Another way to make a buck off babykilling. Noted.)

Series co-executive producer Christopher Riley said the series was inspired by President Barack Obama’s May 2009 commencement speech to graduates at Notre Dame. (Can we just end all Catholic affiliation with that place? Please?)

“He urged people on both sides of the debate to find ways to communicate about a workable solution to the problem of unintended pregnancies,” Riley explained. (Hey dumbass, you don't find "workable solutions" with evil. Period.)

He described the series as an “experiment to see if story can succeed where nearly four decades of angry rhetoric and political posturing have failed.”

“We’re not making a moral or political statement; hopefully, we’re starting a conversation with the audience,” Riley added, according to the California Catholic Daily. (Nope, but you'll be making a fast buck off this thing.)

Yellow Line Studio said a trailer for the pilot has attracted several comments and personal stories for viewers and it is gaining a following on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. ("Gaining a following", that sounds a bit ominous. I'll explain later.)

The San Diego-based studio describes itself as an independent entertainment company. It operates a satellite office in Los Angeles.

The website of the series is at

FWIW, one of the first scenarios I've heard for this thing involves a cheating wife married to some soldier in Iraq. She finds out she's carrying her boyfriend's child and has to decide what to do. Lovely.

Okay, here's my two centavos.

Is this part of some Planned Parenthood funded conspiracy to promote abortion? Nope, it's some fools who have convinced themselves they're actually solve a moral problem while making a quick buck. Isn't altruism wonderful when you turn a profit?

The problem, as I see it, is the desensitization towards abortion that this promotes. You can bet a dollar to a donut that while the "choices" are being presented there'll be no photos of what an aborted child looks like. So many John & Joan Q. Public types who haven't really looked into this topic will consider themselves experts now that they've seen this webcast. Terrific.

But it won't stop there. Next the plot idea will leap from the internet onto national television. After all, it helps the dialogue right? Plus makes a few bucks. Again, the desensitizing of outrage will continue.

It will then make the transition from a fictional format to the reality show lineup as real volunteers allow their lives to be placed under a microscope (remember Jerry Springer?) and the decision of how to deal with a surprise pregnancy put out for public judgment.

As this goes along, the viewers who indulge themselves in this cesspool will become more spiritually numb. Yeah, I know the argument can be made that they would already be there just by turning on the show. Noted. But it's the encouragement of that numbness that I'm talking about. To use another example, audience predilection towards tobacco use would never justify placing a cigarette in an actor's hand these days, the idea of encouraging what has become a politically incorrect behavior deems otherwise.

For yet another example of how exposure to a repulsive behavior ultimately leads to the acceptance and perpetuation of that behavior, consider pornography. When Hugh Hefner started Playboy the cultural mindset was vastly different in regards to women "showing skin" than it is now. Do you think Victoria's Secret could have run the same ads thirty years ago they do today?

So with the growing popularity of this webcast we'll be seeing a further slide down the road towards a Culture of Death.

While this plays out, we can expect more attention being paid to the other end of life's journey. How about a reality show where some geezer with "quality of life issues" is placed in judgment before an audience that will decide if he should die?

Anybody care to disagree?

UPDATE: It appears this webcast can be accessed for free. So the originator may have good intentions and not be trying to make a profit off of it. I stand by the rest of my post.


Anonymous said...

Interesting thoughts. Wonder how many pro-lifers will get sucked into this & start blogging the show & encouraging others to comment & vote in order to save a virtual baby.

Big Doofus (Roger) said...

The sad thing is that this is not an issue with a gray area. The middle of the road politicos want pro-lifers like me to find some common ground. In other words, they want me to be pro-choice. The pro-choice position is not promoting abortion but simply the woman's right to choose...right? If that's the case then why are so many pro-abortion groups up-in-arms over the Tim Tebow / Focus on the Family ad that is supposed to broadcast on CBS during the Superbowl. It's message is that a son was thankful that his mother chose to keep him. He turned out to be one of the greatest college quarterbacks to play the game. I'm not a QB, or a brain surgeon or anything like that. I'm just a husband and a dad with three great kids. My parents chose to keep me when I was quite a surprise and I'm thankful for that.

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