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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Worth at least a thousand words...

None of them are complimentary towards our current Chief Executive.

The above photo was taken when B.O. met the present Japanese emperor.

Japan is an ally, the jihadists of Shinto aren't likely to use it as vindication of their superiority over Western culture (unlike followers of the Pedophile Prophet may have done when B.O. bowed to the Saudi King). BUT and it's an almighty big BUT;

In Japan the one who bows the lowest is acknowledging the superiority of the other, this is further proof (if it was needed) of the self-loathing felt by B.O. and his ilk for our nation.

It also puts to rest some flimsy excuses for his earlier bow to the King of Saud, excuses along the lines of, "We all know that B.O. is tall, he was only trying to reach the same eye level as the king."

The Clown-in -Chief likes to suck up to royalty, plain and simple. He's uncomfortable with the idea that all men are created equal, even equal to emperors and kings.

This guy is in charge? A Russian proverb states that a nation gets the leaders it deserves, boy are we ever screwed.


Joe of St. Thérèse said...

I've heard that Russian proverb, and boy does it hold true.

I guess Zero must be used to bowing so low from the prostrations from weekly mosque. (I mean terrorist training camp)

We are screwed plain and simple...Kyrie Eleison

MightyMom said...

well at least his knees are straight...he didn't bow to the Saudi King....the !@##$#$@@# GENUFLECTED!

sig94 said...

I can't believe that this jackass is doing what he does deliberately. Does he get overwhelmed with the moment or is he crazy or sniffing glue?

Subvet said...

Joe, practice at the mosque/camp would do it.

MM, any improvement is to be noted.

sig94, I think he's like an German Shepherd my brother owned. The damned thing was always putting his nose in somebody's crotch when they met, especially if it was a woman. Maybe that dog wasn't so stupid after all, he did it to some real babes!

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THIS is depressing!!
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