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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Dr. Benjamin pro-choice? I'm shocked, SHOCKED!!

WASHINGTON, D.C., July 15, 2009 ( - A White House spokesman appears to have settled confusion on the position of Surgeon General nominee Dr. Regina Benjamin by saying that the doctor, though widely considered a devout Roman Catholic, supports President Obama's agenda on abortion. (Another CINO along the lines of Biden, Sibellius, etc.)

White House spokesman Reid Cherlin said in a Miami Herald report yesterday that Benjamin "supports the president's position on reproductive health issues." Earlier this year Secretary of State Hillary Clinton explicitly confirmed that for the Obama administration the term "reproductive health" includes abortion. (Because calling it "abortion" is so distasteful, as is calling the "fetus" an unborn child.)

Cherlin added that Benjamin also aligns with Obama's position on seeking "common ground" on abortion "to try and reduce the number of unintended pregnancies." (How do you find "common ground" with intrinsic evil?)

The New York Times also recently reported that an associate of Benjamin's said the Catholic doctor regularly distributes contraception, despite the Catholic Church's teaching against contraception.

Benjamin's reputation for being a devout Catholic stems in part from the fact that she is a past recipient of the "Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice" award from Pope Benedict XVI for her humanitarian work. She has also received the National Caring Award, an honor which was inspired by Mother Teresa. When Benjamin's nomination was announced, Catholic League president Bill Donohue welcomed the doctor as an "excellent choice" for surgeon general. Donohue has not yet commented since the White House commented on Benjamin's position on abortion. (Proving it's better to know what you're talking about before enthusiastically sticking your foot in your mouth.)

However, not everyone is convinced by the White House's statement. Sister Carol Keehan, president and CEO of the Catholic Health Association, on the board of which Benjamin has served, stated in response, "We have an outstanding woman with a great heart for the dignity of people at all stages of life who has been active in her church and recognized by her local archbishop. (That means squatolla, especially given the lunacy of some archbishops.)

"Her public and private statements on the dignity of life have always been consistent with church teaching."

Benjamin herself will not be available to comment on her own position until after the confirmation proceedings have concluded, according to one Health and Human Services spokeswoman. (Smart move.)

President Obama prefaced his introduction of Dr. Regina Benjamin yesterday with a lengthy endorsement of the healthcare reform package, and described Dr. Benjamin as someone "who understands the urgency" of nationalized healthcare. (Oh boy! This is supposed to be an endorsement?)

As Surgeon General, Benjamin will head up the Health Benefits Advisory Committee, which is designated to decide which services will be covered in the nationalized healthcare plan. This evidently would give Benjamin the final say on whether the basic coverage in the new plan will include abortion. (I'm not holding my breath waiting for that to be turned down. Our tax dollars doing Moloch's work.)

Pro-lifers fear the bill's implicit inclusion of abortion coverage is bound to trigger a landslide of abortion funding de-regulation across the United States. The National Right to Life Committee, as well as leading pro-life Congressman Chris Smith, have warned private and public insurers would be forced to match the federal plan in abortion coverage, and healthcare providers would be required to provide more access to the procedure. (So we'll not only be forced to pay our tax dollars into funding baby killing, any healthcare insurance we subscribe to may also be funding abortions. We get hosed two ways, lovely.)

Stupid question time; Did anyone REALLY expect B.O. to pick an ideological opposite for any major post in his administration? If you did contact me for some waterfront property I have for sale in Florida, we can go look at sometime during a low tide.

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Most Rev. Gregori said...

The filthy stench of evil is spreading like a putrid cancer across America and it has begun to affect our Churches.

I believe we are beyond hope.

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