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Monday, June 01, 2009

Taliban and prolifers are one and the same...

At least according to this guy who was interviewed by MSNBC, (And a big thanks to Newsbusters and The Curt Jester for information used in this post.)

Notice that there isn't any challenge to his claims from the reporter or any feedback taken from a prolife organization. While there may have been a later interview with prolifers, letting these statements stand alone is noteworthy.

This alone isn't really significant. But it takes place at the same time the US Marshalls are sent to other areas around the nation in response to Tiller's shooting. The Department of Justice is evidently also working to prevent "related acts of violence from occurring" (and could someone explain what the hell that means?)

At the same time this happened a nutcase who'd converted to Islam shot up a recruiting center in Arkansas. Was the National Guard put on alert? Nope. Was the Department of Justice eyeing what to do to prevent repetitions of this? Nope.

Seems to me it would be a hell of a lot more likely that homegrown followers of the Pedophile Prophet would stage coordinated or spontaneous attacks against various military recruiting stations than more prolifers would start hunting down abortionists.

This all comes after the Department of Homeland Security had to retract a memo distributed to all police stations in the nation. Remember that? It was the memo addressing the problem of right wing extremists. Along with military vets, gun owners, anti-big government folks the memo also cited prolifers.

And this administration is headed up by the most aggressively proabort President we've ever had.

I'm sure some who read this post are wondering how long I've been sporting a tinfoil hat. Time will tell if that assessment is correct and I need a checkup from the neck up.

UPDATE: For more coverage and commentary on the proaborts utilizing this to their advantage I'd recomment the following article; Abortion Proponents “Exploit” Tiller Killing, Label Pro-Life Advocates “Domestic Terrorists”


Christina Dunigan said...

Whenever an abortionist kills a patient, the response of the abortion lobby is to dismiss the death as an aberration. These deaths happen about ten times a year. (That the CDC admits to.)

No matter how heinous the malpractice -- having a "hand holder" assist with general anesthesia, shoving a hemorrhaging patient out the door in a wheelchair to bleed to death, massively overdosing a patient then leaving her unattended to lapse into a coma -- we're told that we're not to let these "few bad apples" color our opinion of abortion practitioners in general. Think of the hundreds of abortionists who didn't kill patients this year!

But when an abortionist gets shot, the perspective changes. Suddenly the act of JUST ONE PERSON is a reflection of the roughly 160 million other people who object to abortion. His actions are representative. All those antichoicers are JUST LIKE HIM. We're not to look at the actions of the 160 million prolifers who have done nothing violent. We're only to look at this one guy. He's representative.

Ten dead patients a year aren't a sign that abortionists are sloppy.

One dead abortionist every ten years, however, is a sign that prolifers are violent.

Which is just the sort of logic I'd expect from the movement that asserts that you honor motherhood by killing babies.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

This is all just proof that leftist pro-aborts and terrorist sympathizers all have their heads shoved so far up their collective butts that they have lost all connections to reality.

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