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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Three strikes and the hits keep coming

Here's a story about B.O's ambassador picks for the Vatican;

Now it's being noised about that Caroline Kennedy will be offered the spot. That would be strike #4, IMHO. She is about as prolife as my cats.

Anyone else recall a time when the President had set his administration at such odds with the Vatican? I'm not only talking about an ambassadorial pick, I'm thinking of the recent spate of acts that fly in the face of Church teaching. Acts that are taken with no acknowledgment of their controversial nature (unless you call signing an executive order after working hours in a spot devoid of news reporters an "acknowledgment") Even in the days of the Know-Nothings I believe there was more of an attempt at respect.

I mention the Catholic Church in particular but he's kicking sand in the face of all traditionally minded denominations. Just how long does it go on before Christians in general stand up and say, "Enough!" ?

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Most Rev. Gregori said...

Well, there was Hormel, an openly practicing homosexual that Clinton appointed as ambassador to the Vatican. Clinton did that when Congress was in recess, because he knew that Congress would not confirm Hormel for the post. Hormel even brought along his gay lover.

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