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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Proabort thinking?

I found the following article via ProLifeblogs;

What really grabbed my attention was the attitude of the proaborts in the comments. One woman in particular expressed high indignation in the labeling of a fetus as "a baby". Seems that must be "propaganda" and not to be tolerated.

IMHO it's indicative of the mindset the prolife faction has to fight. It isn't rooted in logic or common sense but in the fear of being wrong. So strong is this fear that any impossible sounding statement achieves the level of logic if it helps to shore up the argument of the proaborts.

How in Hell do you counter that one?

I think back to the movie, "Thank You For Smoking". At one point the main character is speaking to his son and stressing that in any debate the aim is not to win over the other side. The aim is to win over the audience.

So I'd guess thats the answer, don't bother getting into any discussion that isn't public in nature. Persuade the uncommitted and seek to isolate the hardcore, not-to-be-convinced proaborts from the majority of the public.

Comments anyone?

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Rick said...

Pro-abortion people have a totally different mores than believers. I doubt whether they acknowledge God or if they do, if they respect Him. I heard politicians tell God to get His hands off her ovaries.

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