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Friday, February 27, 2009

The enviornmentalists hit bottom...

I recall an Austrailan bishop said enviornmentalism is the new religion. It makes sense, substitute carbon credits for indulgences, the constant examination of conscience for transgressions against Gaia, realize that eating organic is right up there with religious dietary restrictions and voila!, all they need is a Pope-like leader. Maybe thats what Al Gore is striving for.

Here's the latest insanity; The quote I just love is, "Future generations are going to look at the way we make toilet paper as one of the greatest excesses of our age. Making toilet paper from virgin wood is a lot worse than driving Hummers in terms of global warming pollution."

These people are flat nuts. This is just one of the more laughable examples, past lunacies have included a bioethicist in the UK advocating suicide for the terminally ill and I'm not even going into the growing fad of determining if specific medical procedures are "cost effective" when weighed against the probable lifespan of the patient. That latest has been happening in Oregon, so the idiocy doesn't stop at the other side of the pond.

The thing I find frightening? These ideas are treated as logical, commonsense proposals!

God help us.


Cookie..... said...

Hey mate, I think by now you know that Cookie is definately not a "tree hugger" or extreme enviromentalist. The case for "Man Made" GW has not yet been made to me, and I personally see it as a scam for scientists to get "research grants" and Al Gore to pad his retirement by selling so called "carbon footprint offsets" (a company he is heavily invested in BTW). Having said that, I will say that I do believe there is something to using recycled paper for toilet paper products. It truly doesn't make good environmental sense to me to make it from virgin forests.

I grew up on a farm in upstate NY where we had an outhouse for the first 10 years of my life, and we used certain sections of the old Sears catalogs for toilet paper, the softer "hardware sections" and when things got really tough, used old corn cobs...seriously. Now those things would literally tear you a new asshole... ;-)

So, using TP made from recycled paper don't bother the Cookie none, and I would like to see some forests still standing for my grand-chillin to hunt in, that is if'n they wants to.

sig94 said...

I have only one word - "renewable."

Looking back at very old land surveys that were taken in our nation's infancy and later, researchers see that there are more wooded areas now then there were 200 years ago.

The reason is simple.

We no longer use wood as our primary heating/cooking fuel.

This environmental tree hugging "Save The Elms" noise is all bullshit.

Anonymous said...

corn cobs for tp tearing up a new orifice...dude u might want to edit some of the comments that one want like too what's the word for me : |

Subvet said...

Cookie, I gotta go with Sig94 on this one. Unlike minerals, forests are a renewable resource.

Sig, I've also read that item about more forests now than 200 years ago.

Anonymous, get a life. My blog, my rules, if it offends then go complain to Blogger. I doubt they'll do much, this is mild compared to many others. And some of those others are written by men of the cloth!

MightyMom said...

cookie and others. foresters are in the buisness of cutting down trees....................................................................

they ain't STOOOPID enough to cut down all the trees or they'd be working themselves out of a job.

go talk to any forester. Keeping the forest healthy and large is part of their buisness. SOP is plant 2 trees for every tree forested. check it out.

Now, I want my TP SOFT cookie. S.O.F.T. I will not allow Subvet to buy CHEAP TP. corn cobs would equal justifyable homicide. you get me??

You can use recycled paper for damn near anything....but NOT TP. Them's the rules.

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