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Friday, September 12, 2008

Pandering to the great unwashed.

Over at Black & Right, Bob Parks cites a rumor that in coming weeks Biden will drop out as the VP candidate and be replaced by Hillary. Here's the post.

Hmm. Now could anything be more transparent? But that doesn't rule it out. The Democrats are monumentally stupid in these things. Proof of that came some years back during another Presidential run, I think it was McGovern's and I'm not too sure. Maybe I can look it up.

Anyway, what happened was that the Dems were so set on proving what we now call a committment to diversity that they tried setting one of their main election committees up based on the country's demographics at the time. This entailed trying to find someone who was one-sixteenth Samoan or some other such damned foolishness.

I'm really not making this shit up. The details are hazy, after this is posted I'll spend some time looking it up but I don't promise any success.

The main point is that these people are stupid beyond all parody when it comes to pandering to John & Joan Q. Public. They really believe we're that naive.

They remind me of an ex-shipmate who paid for his suede shoes to be shined (have to tell that one another time), he kept telling everyone how he got a bargain. Some people are really that stupid.

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