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Thursday, July 31, 2008

A PR event for followers of the pedophile prophet.

Here's the story from Breitbart;

A conference of Muslim and Christian leaders aimed at promoting interfaith dialogue ended here sidestepping the thorny issue of religious fundamentalism.

The four day event hosted by the Yale University Divinity School is the first of a series of Christian-Muslim talks to be held around the world. Future events will be hosted in Britain, at the Vatican, and in Jordan.

Some 150 religious leaders and academics gathered for the event -- mainly protestant theologians and evangelical leaders on the Christian side, and Shiites, Sunnis and Sufis on the Muslim side. Six Jewish guests were present as observers.

"The practical issues included world poverty, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the situation in Palestine and Israel, the danger of further wars, and the freedom of religion," said Prince Ghazi bin Muhammad bin Talal of Jordan, describing the closed-door meetings.

The final declaration, approved by consensus, states that Muslims and Christians "affirm the unity and absoluteness of God.

"We recognize that God's merciful love is infinite, eternal and embraces all things. This love is central to both our religions and is at the heart of the Judeo-Christian-Islamic monotheistic heritage."

Yale theology professor Miroslav Volf said that the 'absoluteness of God' should not be understood as that of an all-powerful divinity, but rather as that of a being that irradiates love.

"It is not just the love of God, but love of neighbor also," Volf, the event organizer, told AFP.

That view of God excludes any extremism, Volf said. "You might die but you will die sacrificing your life on behalf of others rather than killing yourself so that others may die as well," he said.

In September Volf is scheduled to co-teach a course at Yale with British former prime minister
Tony Blair titled "Faith and Globalization."

The final text of the meeting avoids mentioning Christian or Muslim fundamentalist ideologies, though the final declaration does "denounce and deplore threats made against those who engage in interfaith dialogue."

A similar dialogue between Anglicans and Muslims is scheduled for October at Cambridge University in Britain, and between Catholics and Muslims at the Vatican in November.

In March there will be another conference at Georgetown University in the US capital to look at social and political issues, and a final gathering will be held in October 2009 at the Royal Aal al-Bayt Institute for Islamic Thought in Jordan.

The idea behind the inter-faith conferences followed the October 2007 publication of an open letter to Christians signed by 138 Muslim leaders in 40 countries.

This isn't anything but a way to make the Islamists look good. They can say, " Hey, we've been dialoging so you KNOW we're okay guys." At the same time the asskissing Christians at this thing can point out that, "They really DO think like us, we just have to find common ground and everything will be hunky-dory." Noted.

The same crap happened during the Cold War, every now and then you'd hear about some kumbayay singing group of fools meeting up with their supposed Russian counterparts and gushing about the splendid similarities they share with us. It was all bullshit.

If this thing were serious there'd have been some really blunt and easily understood statements about terrorism. Instead we get this sentence, "The final text of the meeting avoids mentioning Christian or Muslim fundamentalist ideologies, though the final declaration does "denounce and deplore threats made against those who engage in interfaith dialogue."

Lovely, just another example of the fine art of mental masturbation.

I don't doubt that the Anglicans will fall all over themselves trying to get in the asskissing line, let's hope things are different at the Vatican.

Somebody needs to grow a set of balls about this crap.


VSO said...

For muslims to look good one has to ignore the well documented history of violence, anti-semitism, sexism and moral hypocrisy that runs through that religion like a genetic trait. Hating Islam is a very good thing.

Subvet said...

Hating something that wants to kill/subjugate you is nothing more than a survival instinct kicking in.

Like yourself, I feel survival is a good thing!

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