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Friday, April 25, 2008

Lotus eaters II

Since my post of a couple of days ago regarding the media silence on Iraq & Afghanistan, I've continued to notice zippo in-depth coverage of our troops over there. The local fishwrap has a few articles regarding the Sunnis rejoining the political process in Iraq but thats it. Drudge has nothing, not even Breitbart is carrying anything.

I did come across one opinion article (which I am now unable to locate) that stated both sides of the political aisle are keeping mum in order to protect their asses. The left and the media (sorry for repeating myself) are silent because of the ongoing success our troops are now enjoying. The right side of the aisle doesn't want to say anything and jinx that success. Thus the deafening silence.

IMHO if this is the case, both sides are filled with chickenshit bastards for their complicity in it. Our troops deserve better. If they're getting their asses whipped we should know about it, ditto if they're busy cleaning the clocks of terrorists. This silence places them in a vacuum, thus making the slogan, "The military is at war, America is at the mall." a very disgusting truth.

Because the military doesn't just get up in the morning and say, "Gee what a great day for some ass whupping, HOO RAH!!" They're doing a job that needs doing, or at least a majority of our Congressional representatives thought so when they authorized their deployments. Any idiot that thinks a military member actually ENJOYS leaving home and family to go put their life on the line or even to act in a support capacity for those that do, well that idiot needs a checkup from the neck up.

Being in the military is a thankless job, if you're looking for parades and slaps on the back go join pro sports. You go where you really don't want to, when you don't want to, to do things you'll never agree with, under the supervision of fools you'd very cheerfully toss off a cliff if you could and often you find yourself in the company of people you'd rather have never met. Been there, done that, got the tee shirt.

IMHO the least we should do for those who act on our behalf is to stay posted on what they're doing. The fact that both sides of the political spectrum seem to be led by walking blivets who put their party's welfare above that of their fellow countrymen who are in harm's way is a damned poor commentary on We The People.

Just the thoughts of a retired turd chaser.

P.S.For those who don't know, a blivet is ten pounds of shit in a five pound sack.

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