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Sunday, February 24, 2008


I mean really, two empty oxygen tanks and a faulty defibrillator? Someone had their head up their ass, that equipment isn't meant to be used as wall decorations! Sounds like someone was radioing the PM's. Found this via the Drudge Report.

NEW YORK (AP) - An American Airlines passenger died after a flight attendant told her he couldn't give her any oxygen and then tried to help her with faulty equipment, including an empty oxygen tank, a relative said.

The airline confirmed the flight death and said medical professionals had tried to save the passenger, Carine Desir, who was returning home to Brooklyn from Haiti.

Desir, who had heart disease, died of natural causes, medical examiner's office spokeswoman Ellen Borakove said Sunday.

Desir had complained of not feeling well and being very thirsty on the Friday flight from Port-au-Prince after she ate a meal, according to Antonio Oliver, a cousin who was traveling with her and her brother Joel Desir. A flight attendant gave her water, he said.

A few minutes later, Desir said she was having trouble breathing and asked for oxygen, but a flight attendant twice refused her request, Oliver said Sunday in a telephone interview.

After the flight attendant refused to administer oxygen to Desir, she became distressed, pleading, "Don't let me die," Oliver recalled.

Other passengers aboard Flight 896 became agitated over the situation, he said, and the flight attendant, apparently after phone consultation with the cockpit, tried to administer oxygen from a portable tank and mask, but the tank was empty.

Two doctors and two nurses were aboard and tried to administer oxygen from a second tank, which also was empty, Oliver said.

Desir was put on the floor, and a nurse tried CPR, to no avail, Oliver said. A "box," possibly a defibrillator, also was applied but didn't function effectively, he said

"I cannot believe what is happening on the plane," he said, sobbing. "She cannot get up, and nothing on the plane works."

Oliver said he then asked for the plane to "land right away so I can get her to a hospital," and the pilot agreed to divert to Miami, 45 minutes away. But during that time, Desir died, Oliver said.

"Her last words were, 'I cannot breathe,'" he said.

Desir, 44, was pronounced dead by one of the doctors, Joel Shulkin, and the flight continued to Kennedy International Airport without stopping in Miami, with the woman's body moved to the floor of the first-class section and covered with a blanket, Oliver said.

American Airlines spokeswoman Sonja Whitemon wouldn't comment Sunday on Oliver's claims of faulty medical equipment. Shulkin, through his attorney, Justin Nadeau, declined to comment on the incident out of respect for Desir's family.

American Airlines, a unit of
AMR Corp. and based in Fort Worth, Texas, is the largest domestic airline.


MightyMom said...


there is a reason they are required to have those portable tanks on the damn plane to begin with.

ooooooooo ooooo oooooo oooo

MightyMom said...

and your links aren't linking dear

ABNPOPPA said...

Subvet, you don't have a chance, Mighty Mom has you covered on the net and on the home front.

Hey listen I'm Lutheran, you know us, we're Catholics who believe in birth control and drink German beer. Have the same problem in church you do. Don't believe in all the stuff the pastor/priest is putting out. I lucked out one day and found me a retired Army Chaplin pastoring at a local Bible Church. Good sermons, great guy, and a straight shooter.

His political message yesterday was: Study who's running, vote your conscience, and let G-d take care of the rest. Amen.

By the way, I still go to the Lutheran Church with my wife, just catch the Chaplin at least once a month. Works for me.

Can't believe you have two of my favorite heroes on your blog. John Wayne and Bishop Fulton J. Sheen. You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink, can hold him there till he gets thirsty. Sound familiar?

Like your blog you are so tactful.


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