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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Bits & Pieces........

Presidential Politics-Seems like Hillary is running out of steam, she still gets a lot of warm & fuzzies from the MSM but she'd definetly NOT going to win the upcoming election easily. Likewise for Barack Obama. Though they have plenty of kneejerk supporters who feel, "It's time we had a woman/black in the White House" no one ever seems able to explain why it should be that particular woman or that particular black man.

On the Republican side, I'm thankfull Tancredo tanked. I can't explain why but for some reason he's always made me uneasy. If I had my druthers, Duncan Hunter would get the nomination but lacking name recognition dooms him from the outset. I'm willing to go with Fred Thompson however it's past time for him to get his campaign in gear and get rolling. So I figure it's going to be a choice of McCain; who definetly falls on the wrong side of the immigration and abortion debates, Guiliani; who is RINO and fails the abortion litmus test and is a fan of gun control, Huckabee; who increased entitlements as a governor and is soft on immigration. Yuck! Some choice huh?

The economy-I'm doing okay. How about you? Seems unemployment is really low and the biggest gripe anyone can come up with is that they can't get the job they want. Somebody call the wahmbulance! I don't have the one I want either, on any given day I feel like singing Jim Croce's "Working At The Carwash Blues". Just like the singer I think I should be trashtalking to my secretary while wearing a new suit. Instead I'm playing plumber and handyman for a bunch of cube apes. But it pays the bills so just how bad can it be? The War Department wouldn't like the secretary idea anyway.

Islamofacists-The flying imams have receded to the back pages of the fishwrap, CAIR is less significant every day even as they try taking on Michael Savage. Lottsa luck on that one boys! I'm no fan of Savage, Bernard Goldberg rightfully cites him as one of the top 100 people who are bad for America. But I'll cheer him on for this one.

In other areas the followers of the pedophile prophet seem really intent on proving that following Islam makes you stupid. The Fort Dix Six seem to have been recruited from the Keystone Kops, those two idiots down in South Carolina were without a clue and though the Holy Land Foundation got a "Get Out Of Jail Free" card down here in Dallas the Islamofacists are still busy wiping egg off their faces from what came out in that trial regarding much of their history and current activities.

Worldwide the followers of Moe aren't doing too well either. After sending the Pope and other Christian leaders a message calling for "dialog" they seem puzzled by the response given from the Pontiff, i.e. the dialog will go on with concern for religious freedom for all in mind. They've been quiet since that, wonder why?

The more time that goes by the more it seems this so called "religion" carries the seeds of it's own destruction. Although the stories don't get much attention there have been a number dealing with the increase of things like porn addiction, the rise of obesity, a growing number of feminists and other such items in Islamic countries. I tried to briefly search out these stories last night for a post on them. What stopped me was wondering how I would explain putting
"Islamic gay porn" on a search engine while using a company computer which I've been warned is always monitored. I'm enough of a computer dumbass that I won't take any chances. A regular paycheck gets down right addictive at times.

Nevertheless those stories are out there. After reading a few works dealing with the history of Islam I get the impression it doesn't do at all well with modern technology and Western free speech. So now I'm wondering if the problem is more with our liberal elites than with a bunch of 7th century rapist/warlord wannabe's.

Iraq/Afghanistan-Gee, seems General Petraeus really knew what he was doing doesn't it? Iraq seems to be calming down and the MSM doesn't give much attention to Afghanistan. When the MSM ignores a war theater like that it can only mean we're doing better than they expected. While I'm on the topic of the war, Falcon_01 is now posted there. He keeps blogging and is a reliable source. Keep him in your prayers please.

Religion-Speaking of that topic, seems things are improving there. At least for Catholics. We've now got the official endorsement for the Traditional Latin Mass (TLM) and though the members of the Judas Iscariot Fan Club (JIFC) aka the US Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) keep babbling incoherently about immigration legislation, global warming, the Gitmo detainees and other areas they're clueless in, no one seems to take them seriously. By the way, that title of JIFC comes from the Ignorant Redneck. I'll use it but he deserves the recognition. Thanks IR.

In other areas the Catholic Church seems to be improving also. In my own parish the altar servers have now gone back to the traditional cassock and surplice, ditching those robes that always made me think they were Franciscan wannabe's. My parish is fairly low key, no liturgical dancers or other inanities. I just wish they'd stop singing every liturgical response to the tune of "O Come, O Come, Emmanuel" this time of year. It makes me want to volunteer for root canal work. BLEAHH!!

Popular culture-Seems every time a new antiwar movie comes out it immediately tanks after getting all kinds of rave reviews. Think "Lions and Lambs", "The Valley of Elan (sp?), etc.
John Q. Public isn't stupid and he doesn't want to be preached to. Sooner or later Hollyweird is going to wise up. After all, even earthworms have been found to be teachable.

The culture of victimhood isn't faring all that well. Some exceptions are there, like the so-called Jena 6. But most people seem fed up enough to give the boot to freeloaders. Case in point being the laws passed to ferret out the illegal immigrants. Juan, Jose & Maria are starting to see the handwriting on the wall and pack up to leave for good. Bye folks, don't let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya!

And for the first time since the 70's we're seeing an increase in fertility rates to the point that, unlike our European contemporaries, we're replacing those who die off. The illegals account for a portion of it but the experts who noted the increase claim they're not the full story. And we haven't even had a string of really cold winters either!

Maybe it's because more folks are getting a spiritual focus in their lives. Seems there aren't that many outrageous stories this year about Nativity scenes being banned or "Merry Christmas" being put on a list of forbidden expressions. There's some, but nowhere near what we've seen in the past. So maybe the whole "increase and multiply" thing goes hand in hand with a more spiritual bent. Hey, what the Hell do I know? I'm just a retired turd chaser blogging his life away!

Personally-Life is going very well. The War Department and I are currently fretting over how we'll pay for private schooling for our kids. WAH!!! Everyone should have such a problem, right? We're doing okay, never be rich but we're a long way from the wolf being at the door.

We had our third child this year. Lillie gets a lot of attention, almost as much as her two brothers. Speaking of the Dynamic Duo, they're coming along in their special needs therapy and by the time they're in grade school shouldn't need it. Therapy might be an option for the WD and I by then, raising three kids this small is an adventure!

My mother and I are closer now. One year ago that would have been unthinkable. She's moved into an assisted living facility less than two miles away, is getting along fabulously with the WD and wants to help spoil the kids rotten. A year can bring about a lot of unexpected changes.

I don't like being a Pollyanna but all in all things seem to be going good these days. The number of bloggers keeps rising and most of them are really readable. It doesn't look like the world will end anytime soon, we'll probably get plenty of warning first if it does.

So on that note I'll end this mindless meandering. Merry Christmas if I don't get the chance to post before the 25th.


ignorant redneck said...

Methinks that this is good time to give thanks! You have a lot to be thankful for, as have I.

And neither of us deserve a dmaned one of the blessings that drop on our heads every day.

God is good.

Pen of Jen said...

Well hotdog I found another that would rather have Duncan Hunter.

Problem is that he is too conservative for the rest of the folks...oh well

Douglas said...

I found your blog by means of a Google alert on "Flying Imams"

I've recently written a post on the Metropolitan Airport Commission's response to the imams' complaint. I hope you'll stop by!

I say Amen that it is a good time to give thanks.

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