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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Wanted: Father figure with a fair sized set of acoutrements.

Where were her parents when all this crap was going on? If anyone tried that "we're not going to give you your diploma" crap on my kids while I was standing there the SOB would have needed a lawyer the very next week! That would be after the cops had to escort me off the campus for informing the zipperhead of his parents lack of formal marital status at the time of his conception, his sexual proclivities with his mother, intellectual shortcomings, possession of androgynous characteristics and probable destination in the afterlife. An 18 year old girl doesn't have the experience or the chutzpah to face down an authority figure like this jerk. That's what parents, particularly fathers, are for. And if she doesn't have a father at home where are her uncles, grandfathers, etc? Somebody "with a set" needed to step up to the plate.

And 15 valedictorians? What the hell was that? Sounds more like a group of cube apes purchasing a Power Ball ticket! Is this another touchy-feely school where no one gets their feelings hurt for being second best? Geez Louise, did they have a football team or a macrame squad?

Things must be nutty in Colorado.

Excuse me, I'm still working on my first pot of coffee.


MightyMom said...

Yeah, well, after they escort you off the premises, said principal will have to deal with ME

reddog said...

My high school graduation was a joke. Almost everyone was high, some were so drunk or stoned on acid, they didn't even know where they were. The favored antic that day was to be naked under your robes. I had a large family group attending, or I wouldn't even have gone. I would have just worked that day. It was an embarrassing experience.

If this little girl wants to talk about her faith in God, on her graduation day, she should not be stopped.

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THIS is depressing!!
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