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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Educational malpractice.

"This is a case of educational malpractice."

Yes it is.

I recall my old man taking heat for letting me read Hemingway's "The Old Man And The Sea" back in '62 when I was ten years old. He answered the critics by telling them I didn't read anything he hadn't already (true) and that there were valuable lessons in the tale (also true).

But this is just a lot of dreck being foisted off on unsuspecting schoolkids.


MightyMom said...

note to self, be sure and read all required reading before the kids do. Also, be sure to buy all books in hardcover, large print...just in case I have to stick it up some principals hiney hole.

jennifer said...

This absolutely does not surprise me. The agenda of the public schools is not in the interest of the child anymore.

I discovered the crudeness in children's reading books when I had the oldeset pick a few scholastic books from the catalog.

He selected a book by an author that I had heard of, but I was reading it to create a work packet for him and found a little girl asking how a friend would feel if she shoved a hammer up his a@@.

So, I stick with the classics, read everything and look to see who is parading the books.

Not surprised and promise that the educational system is going to achieve what the terrorists haven't been able to. The complete implosion of our country from the inside out.

Yes I am serious. Less than 1% are homosexual in the country, yet every program, nearly every movie has a gay person. The NEA supports the absolute abortion, yet cries to support and protect our children, and a teen ager drawing a picture of a gun gets expelled. (isn't abortion worse than a pencil drawing??)

It's broke, its time to admit this and turn the schools over to some serious CEO'S who have a bottom line and answer to the constituents, and will teach the children like older lady, 34 students(like in my fifth grade) I bet she wasn't 5' tall, but doggonit we respected her.

Now I am stepping down from the soap box...exit Jen

reddog said...

I think Hemingway is the best American novelist and "The Sun Also Rises" is the best Novel ever written. His work is certainly suitable for anybody capable of reading it.

As far as what is appropriate for todays children to read, it is a difficult question. I think that they are exposed to so much in real life, that what they read makes little difference. In fact, reading about how others, in their age group, deal with the harsh realities of early exposure to sexuality probably helps more than it hurts. The bookworms were never the big swingers when I was in school. That, at least, I'm sure has not changed in the last 45 years.

Parents, of course, have to grapple with this issue, on a child by child basis.

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THIS is depressing!!
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