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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Too good to pass up.

Anyone else remember Hillary claiming she wasn't a, "Tammy Wynette, stand-by your man type"? Bet this sort of story makes her just jump up and shout, "Yippee"!

Accused Las Vegas 'Madam' Claims She Only Did Makeup for Bill Clinton

June 19, 2007 11:24 AM

Vic Walter and Avni Patel Report:

The lawyer for an accused Las Vegas "Madam" says she did work for Bill Clinton but only to provide makeup, not girls.

Alleged "Madam" Esperanza Brooks told undercover officers her clients "range from 'Shaqille [sic] O'Neal to Bill Clinton,'" according to a police report obtained by the Blotter on

In the report, Brooks is quoted as saying she employed 40 girls who were "very discrete and only go with upscale people."

"These are not your average girls," Brooks said. "Some of them have worked with Bill Clinton."

In his first interview since his client's arrest, Brooks' attorney Michael Sanft told ABC News his client did indeed work with both Bill Clinton and Shaquille O'Neal, but only in her professional capacity as a makeup artist when the two men made public appearances in Las Vegas.

Brooks was working as a volunteer "cheerleading coach" for the Andre Agassi Academy for underprivileged youth in Las Vegas when she was arrested on charges of operating a "prostitution out call operation."

Attorney Sanft denies Esperanza was operating a prostitution ring, saying she has no prior arrests and never had 40 girls working for her.

"Her judgment was blurred by her eagerness to make a quick buck. She was misread and misinterpreted as a 'madam' as she tried to play herself up as something that she wasn't," he said.

A spokesman for former President Bill Clinton declined to comment to ABC News, but last week told the New York Post, in which the arrest was reported, "Apparently, total fabrications that get made up in Vegas don't stay in Vegas."

The Las Vegas sheriff now says a subsequent investigation found Brooks' statements to undercover police were "made in an attempt to inflate Brooks' claim that she was a madam with high end clientele." The sheriff concluded that the statement was "not true at the time it was made, nor is there evidence that it ever was true."

The sheriff's department spokesman said he did not know if the Clintons or O'Neal had contacted them or prompted the sheriff's statement, saying only that the volume of calls about the arrest report prompted them to issue the statement.

Attorney Sanft says he plans to examine the full undercover tape recordings and evidence before advising his client on how to plead.

Esperanza is out on bond and is scheduled to appear in court on July 9.

That statement about a subsequent investigation sounds like the fix is in.

"Only did makeup..."? Yeah, and Slick Willie smoked but didn't inhale.


And thanks to RightWingNews.


jennifer said...

I am still trying to work out the definition of the word is.

Bill's spokes person's response is all telling isn't it?

I am sure that if Bill hadn't been a politician, he would have become a pimp in Vegas. Kind of the Hugh Hefner of the Desert and all the dumb bimbos would have loved him.

Cookie..... said...

Ya Right....wonder what they made go "up"....

MightyMom said...

well, ok, I've heard of body makeup before but this is a bit much.....

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