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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Another "benefit" of universal health care.

Why should my tax money be used for this?

My religious beliefs don't allow for supporting abortion, although because of the present public funding Planned Parenthood enjoys that IS happening. So maybe somebody can explain why I'd vote for idiots that would make me further complicit in infanticide. I'm especially thinking of those somebodies from my own religion who swoon over the idea of universal health coverage.

But when you ask liberals questions like that you're likely to only hear crickets chirping.


jennifer said...

Because we of any faith that goes against abortion are fanatics that don't get it!

Makes me so very upset that so many candidates are afraid to distance any. I wish one would come out and say that if he became president it would be a major issue of his to stop the murder of American citizens. Then when all the media turned and became silent, he would say I am going to push to make abortions illegal. Can you imagine the Public??

I know that the numbers are screwy on how many support abortions, but politicians so don't want to damage the base. Oh well my dream is over.

Too bad for the liberals, 50 million abortions in 40 years, sending the kids through liberal public schools then off to liberal universities, would have probably swayed the election of 2000, and 2004. Funny how they are killing off the very ones that could save their dying agenda.

MightyMom said...

oooh slam Jen!
can't bring up the page without becoming a member of the Chicago Tribune...what's it about?

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THIS is depressing!!
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