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Saturday, July 21, 2007

(Sigh) Back in the Twilight Zone.........

When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.

Got a call from a detective with the Dallas PD today. Seems I'm a suspect for a break-in at a place I worked a few years ago. One of the vice presidents, a flake who I always swore had to be on heavy duty meds since her behavior mirrored that of psychos I've met in AA meetings, had her office broken into and some furniture destroyed. In order to enter the building you need a swipe card and by going over the access records on the computer my name came up for the time in question. Lovely.

No, I didn't do it. When they fired me I had already put my resume on the street and wasn't suprised to get canned. There'd been friction with other folks and I'm smart enought to know when I've worn out my welcome. Bottom line, I was relieved to be able to move on with life. Since then I have.

As to how my designated swipe card came up, I dunno. But in addition to needing a swipe card to enter the building after normal working hours, someone also needed a key specific to that suite of offices for the company. Their administrative practices at that company are shit but one of the things they would do without fail was have the locks for the key changed when someone got fired. So in addition to having a card still assigned to me after two years the vandal needed a key for a lock thats been changed only God knows how many times since I left. Kinda drops my name down several notches on the suspect list I'd think.

As for a card thats still floating around with my name attached to it, I wouldn't be at all suprised to discover they'd never updated their files, just gave the card to another employee and let it go. Their chain of custody is shit. So now two years later this comes up and my name heads the suspect list. Beautiful, however they're gonna need something else to go on. IMHO a minor break-in of this sort involving the destruction of some second-hand furniture won't be treated like the theft of the Hope Diamond. But dealing with these idiots again is frustrating.

I'm not worried, just disgusted. My entire three and a half years there were something out of the Twilight Zone. So when I moved on I was glad to get those nutcases behind me. Now here it is, almost two years to the date that I got fired and I find out these wack jobs still figure I'm lurking in the bushes somewhere, just waiting an opportunity to "get even". Geez Louise. Grow up! As I told the cop, no one ever promised me a job, life isn't Burger King so I know I won't get it "my way", and I've more important things to worry about.

And on a personal note, if I ever wanted to go ballistic and trash out someone's office I'd really make it count. Like I told the War Department, they obviously don't know me well. Had I done it, that VP would be lucky to HAVE an office and not just a hole in the side of the building!

Listening to the detective speak, I got the impression of a civil servant just making sure all the "i's" were dotted and the "t's" were crossed. So hopefully I've heard the last of this. Life is too short to have to deal with fools we've made the mistake of working for & with.

But it pisses me off.

Thanks for listening.


Cookie..... said...

I dunno Subvet....sounds t'me like ya mighta just dun this here dastardly deed....I mean us Boat sailors always gets even....

Subvet said...

Cookie, LOL, you asshole!!

Cookie..... said...

Hey...Thats MISTER asshole t'you mate....had a young JG say that to me once...LOLOLOL....

SonarMan said...

I know what you mean about cops... right after my LB and I moved into our first apartment - like I mean moving day - our apartment was broken into.

It was on the ground floor, and I saw the guy in my bedroom. He saw me, and ran. I jumped through the open window (we had accidently left the window open and the would-be thief popped the screen off) into my bedroom and chased him through the apartment and into the woods, but lost him because it was pitch black. Good thing I didn't catch him because I used to carry a huge Buck lock-knife in my back pocket in those days.

I reported it to the police. It was the 1st real crime they'd had in Plainfield, CT in 15-16 years, according to the cop who came round. On my way to the parking lot the next morning I saw him, and again chased him - into his apartment! He lived in the next wing over. So I called the cops again. They did NOTHING!

I told the the apartment manager (who was a friend of my aunt - who hooked us up with the apartment and got us a good rent) about it, and she did nothing, as well.

A month later the same cop gave me a speeding ticket.

MightyMom said...

this situation re-defines "aggravating"

Subvet said...

Sonarman, I'm not knocking the cop involved in this. She has a routine to follow and after speaking a few minutes to me I just got the impression her interest in me as a suspect had waned. IOW, she knew I didn't do it and wasn't going to make my life any more miserable than she absolutely had to.

But yeah, I've met my share of buttheads also. Cops are human and some don't fit the Joe Friday stereotype. I had several relatives on the NYPD and they spanned the spectrum. One would have ticketed his own mother, another was Mister Easygoing, a third did everything he could to get assigned where the action (violence) was. They've a tough job and I don't envy it.

Having been career military (and I know you were also) I know a bit of what it's like to have folks despise you for nothing in particular. They just distrust you because you're one of "them". And the fact that "them" are responsible for the safety and wellbeing of our society doesn't seem to register.

So it's a tough job cops have and I always try giving them the benefit of the doubt.

BTW, did you ever give a little "vigilante justice" to the idiot who tried robbing you?

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