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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Official ID available to New Haven's illegals.

This'll make your eyes bleed!

A Connecticut city will become the first in the United States next week to offer official identification cards to illegal immigrants so that they can enjoy public services and integrate into the community.

The controversial measure was overwhelmingly passed by the New Haven Board of Alderman last month and, although it has been publicly challenged, it will be fully implemented by next week.

The city’s estimated 15,000 illegal immigrants have expressed that they will line up to get their government identification cards which will allow them to open bank accounts, access local libraries and enjoy numerous other public services financed by American taxpayers.

This first of a kind program offering legitimate U.S. identification cards to those in the country illegally, contradicts a nationwide trend among municipalities attempting to curb illegal immigration in the absence of federal enforcement.

In fact, 48 state-level measures to curb illegal immigration have been introduced this year alone and more than 100 such ordinances were introduced last year in cities and counties nationwide. Many have been legally challenged by immigration advocates and are pending in the judicial system.

New Haven officials say their controversial new measure was necessary to integrate illegal immigrants into the community and protect them from crime as well as encourage them to report crimes to police. Opponents worry that the program will increase the city’s illegal immigrant population and subsequently strain public services.

So, what part of "illegal alien" do they not understand?

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Cookie..... said...

I got a real big kick outta the fact that a State of Georgia community has given, maps to, money and transportation tickets to its ILLEGAL alien residents and sent them to this town in Conn....

They're laughing cause they know that after about 10 to 15,000 new illegals arrive, their hospitols will be shutting down, their welfare system in chaos, etc., etc., etc..

Love it mate...Love it...

Anonymous said...

It makes me sick. Especially since I live so close.

MightyMom said...

ooo, maybe we should start giving out maps here too!!

You're right, Subvet, it is making my eyeballs bleed.

As usual, you have great posts babe.

Subvet said...

Cookie, seems the Georgia rednecks aren't too slow to catch on.

Sonarman, sorry to hear that. Exercise your Second Amendment rights and good luck.

Mightmom, we need to practice at the range more. Being in Texas we'll be seeing where the rest of the country is headed long before anyone else.

falcon_01 said...

As far as them lining up, I'd say it would be great news! Just go down the line and round them up for deportation!

I read a novel not long ago about Tx that strikes me as eerily prophetic: "State of Disobedience" -it's about a female socialist president who tries to suspend freedoms while trying to create a welfare state, and calls in federal commandos for use against citizens in Tx. Scary.

Pam said...

I saw this on Fox News this morning and had to get on my soapbox. Poor hubby had to get an earful before leaving for work!! He (My hubby) is a LEGAL immigrant and gets so tired of this game we seem to be playing with the illegals. His complaint is "Stop whining and act! Do something about it already!"He is frustrated with congress and the Senate.

MightyMom said...

falcon 01, this isn't PC, but when you talk about "going down the line" first thought is "shoot every 3rd one, then the rest will take notice.".....maybe I need to go eat something.

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