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Monday, October 13, 2014

Thoughts on Ebola from a point 30 miles from Dallas, TX.

Yeah, that is about the distance the family and I live from Ebola Central. I hear North Dakota is lovely this time of year....

People here a scared shitless. That was the conclusion I came to recently. It's easy to understand when you remember that almost NOBODY in this country has first hand knowledge of how to deal with Ebola. All of the experts are in Third World shitholes right now, suited up in full hazmat gear as they walk the local streets. IMHO when anyone from the CDC, HHS, etc. make a statement to reassure the public, they're talking out their ass. So yeah, anyone with a lick of sense is paying close attention to whats going on.

Whats going to happen? Hell if I really know, I'm just an old retired submarine mechanic. But I think back to other diseases that came over here with the greatest of ease, diseases such as swine flu, avian flu, Asian flu, West Nile virus, etc. Nobody could come close to stopping their migration here, why should we believe it'll be different with Ebola? Look at how they've spread and lingered on. I mention flu type sicknesses because Ebola mimics flu, at least until you pass blood out of various orifices of your body.

But think back at how persistent and easily transmitted those diseases are. Then consider that Ebola has a mortality rate that is through the roof. Even in the Third World toilets that spawned the West Nile virus the death rate of it was nowhere near what we see with this latest scourge.

Nobody really knows shit. All the verbiage being spouted about keeping calm is just an attempt to secure the lid on the pressure cooker. That baby is going to blow soon and it won't be pretty.

Despite the prevalence of the disease, the African nations suffering from it don't have a tremendous failing of their infrastructure (what there is of it). So it isn't time to go completely prepper, fortify the home, stock up on survival gear, etc. When it starts hitting us hard the basic services will still be somewhat intact (remember, I'm only a retired sub sailor so my expertise is open to question).

The various other diseases I've mentioned are now spread worldwide. When Ebola really grows legs we're going to have a mortality rate rarely seen in recorded history. It'll hit every damned country in the world. Stand the fuck by, it's going to get really interesting.

God's will be done, may He have mercy on us all.

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