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Thursday, September 04, 2014

Cardinal Dolan dances to the tune of the gay pipers.

So now openly gay groups will march in the St. Patrick's Day Parade in NYC. Here's the video link from Michael Voris on the topic. Normally I take whatever Voris says with a HUGE grain of salt but he's right on the money this time.
This parade will have Cardinal Dolan as it's grand marshal, perhaps someone should inform that ecclesiastical knucklehead that the Catechism speaks of our responsibility for the mortal sins of others when we praise or approve of them (Article 1868). By his continued participation in this public event Dopey Dolan is implicitly endorsing the gay lifestyle. He should remove himself from all association with the parade while it allows openly gay groups to march.
As I mentioned on another blog, at times like this I recall that when Henry VIII broke with Rome only one bishop (later cardinal) spoke out against him. That was St. John Fisher who was martyred for his troubles. There was a double butt ton of bishops in England who were of the “go along to get along” mentality, hoping that the troubles would all blow over. Subsequent persecutions under Henry’s daughter Elizabeth and other rulers proved the opposite. For the sake of historical accuracy I'll mention that Catholics had as much blood on their own hands when they would regain control of the nation for brief periods of time. The whole thing could have turned out differently if enough clerics grew a set of balls and told Henry to take a flying leap. They didn't and for those pewsitters unfortunate enough to be under the “care” of Fisher’s contemporaries life must have sucked on toast, there was probably a fair amount of time when they didn't know whether to shit or go blind as far as following Church teaching. Nevertheless a fair number were able to adhere to the Faith even unto death. Dolan’s recent actions prove we still have the same sort of Judas goats amongst us that kept quiet under the House of Tudor.

For a much better piece on this affair go here:
God help us all, may His will be done.


Adrienne said...

I pull no punches when it comes to Dolan - the man's an idiot in love with the idea that he's running with the big dogs. Ummm - no he's not. He's nothing more than a laughing stock and a useful idiot.

Dolan sees himself as a modern day Spellmam which he clearly is not. Spellman had power - something Dolan never will.

By my estimation at least 1/2 of the bishops are borderline heretics, more concerned with being "pastoral" instead of teaching the faith.

Subvet said...

Adrienne, amen to all you say. What too many folks don't realize that Christ had no problem with being unpopular, thus the same crowds who welcomed him on Palm Sunday pushed for his crucifixion on Good Friday. He also promised the same for any who would follow Him. Dolan & Co. are too busy hogging the limelight to think of that.

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