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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Just supposing....

I've been of the opinion that prior to January of 2017 our Fearless Leader will find a reason to impose martial law, suspend the results of any Presidential election recently held and crack down on all dissenters (that includes you and I).

So what if a large percentage of the American people soon said, "Enough is enough" in regards to the flood of illegal aliens coming across our southern border? What if they said, "Compassion be damned! Enforce the stinking laws!" and then began getting REALLY loud about it?

How about a riot or two? It wouldn't even need professional provocation to happen, there are plenty of people who feel strongly about showing charity to those officially deemed to flee increasing violence in Central America (though for the life of me I don't recall any news to that effect in the last few years). If this wouldn't pit one group of Americans against another, what would?

Then the tanks start rolling as the whole idea of posse comitatus is tossed. You can bet a fair number of our military would buy into the "save the children" meme, another portion would just want to restore order. Plus face it folks, the average sailor, marine, dogface, flyboy doesn't stay any more well informed than his civilian counterpart. Sorry, the ideal of a military consisting of uber patriots toting around a copy of the Constitution in his/her seabag or duffel bag is fantasy. If it does they must all be riding unicorns too fast for us to see them.

Do I believe it's been the aim of this Administration all along as regards the flood of illegals? No. But I do believe when our Chief Executive promised to transform America he wasn't just whistling "Dixie". I do believe he and his crew have been hoping for something to explode in the fashion I described, that maybe they've been rattling so many cages all along was in the hope of riling up enough citizens to justify martial law. Maybe. It isn't something I'd bet the farm on but I DO give it serious thought.

So tell me I'm wrong. Tell me I spend too much time thinking thoughts of a tinfoil hat quality. Please do, because I REALLY would rather be as crazy as a shithouse rat than right.

God's will be done, may He have mercy on us all.


Adrienne said...

On the one hand I completely agree with you. On the other hand I think most Americans are too complacent, lazy, and ill-informed to do much of anything.

They don't have to send in the military since most police forces are highly militarized already.

I think you'll see some real inner-city crap cropping up. Wait till they dump those illegals in the schools with the blacks.

Vigilis said...

Fear not (I hope).

Should this president declare martial law, he would destroy his legacy, the Democratich Party's prospects for the next election, the misplaced faith now invested in lawyers (the dominant profession in federal elected office).

Aside from the flood of illegal immigrants with which Obama has received too much bipartisan support, no other scandal can be laid at his feet (i.e. Lois Lerner and IRS scandal, Holder and 'Fast and Furious', Panetta and Benghazi).

Martial law in the circumstances that he has created would amount to no less than a coup. I can almost guarantee his impeachment and removal.

Always On Watch said...

I have some of these same thoughts -- whatever that says about my own sanity.

One of my blogger friends, whom I would not describe as a paranoid person at all, has commenced to saying, "No matter how paranoid you are, you aren't paranoid enough." In reference to the Obama administration, of course.

Subvet said...

Adrienne, I don't believe it would take an awful lot in the way of violent protests to have the Administration justify cracking down on our liberties. Just let the lapdogs of the MSM doctor the stories accordingly and it will seem that every non liberal in the nation is ready to go postal. We already see how news gets spun, just look at how the March For Life was underplayed, ditto for Fortnight For Freedom. Remember how the proponents of illegal immigration were shown marching in D.C. and other cities? You'd have thought entire populations of Third World nations were in our streets, this was done yet again during the "Occupy" protests. Yes, too many Americans are too complacent, lazy and ill-informed. That makes them prime ennablers for any shenanigans to be perpetrated. Just MHO. Now excuse me while I buff up my tinfoil hat.

Subvet said...

Vigilis, I sure hope you're right. I hope the man is too concerned with his own "image" to deliberately allow his associates to ruin this nation. Maybe his singular legacy will be mere incompetence, time will tell. In the interim I'm just hoping things don't get worse.

Subvet said...

AOW, as the punch line to an old joke tells us, "Even paranoids have enemies."

The Local Malcontent said...

No,I can't tell you that you are wrong; because I've also felt for a long time that controversial leader Zerobama will find some reason to do exactly- exactly what you predict: find some reason to suspend or to cancel the 2016 elections and declare martial law here in America.

For one thing, he's proven to be a liar time after time, from such things as "I'm not a Socialist", to "if you like your ins. coverage, you can keep it", more.
His aloof attitude to every world problem, as well as destroying our economy and our military threaten some takeover, likely after our own civil war, since the open doors of the southern border allow any enemy to come here.
You said it best: God's Will be done, may He have mercy upon us all.

Subvet said...

TLM, another sign that these thoughts don't fall under "tinfoil hat thinking" is that fact that so many different people, from so many different walks of life are having them.

Theres an old AA saying, "If one person calls you a horse's ass, it means nothing, when everyone starts doing it you need to go shop for a saddle."

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