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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A few quick comments about the USA Catholic bishops and our Pope...

Because it seems they just can't stay out of the news; especially when they really should. Right now I'm thinking of topics such as the swarm of illegal aliens on our southern border, gun control, and feeding at the public trough.

THE BISHOPS: IMO is a bunch of ambitious, vain, self-important idiots who can be counted on to sit on the fence whenever possible, rarely come down on the side of the man in the street and almost always plant a big, wet, sloppy tongue in the rear of the Administration. This is normally done in concert via the USCCB but can be done individually.

THE POPE: Nice guy who should know when he should keep his mouth shut but seens too stupid to do so. The Holy Spirit must know we need a scourging; this time around we don't get Attila The Hun, we get Howdy-Doody.

Nope, ain't no conspiracy in play on the part of either party. Just a whole lot of dumbass, self interest and vanity.

Anyone who wishes to screech I owe them respect due to their position can forget it. In 22 years of military service I learned that is the cheapest form of "respect", one that more often than not is built upon the genuine accomplishments of better, wiser men than whoever may be the present target of conversation/condemnation. The idea of pygmies standing on the shoulders of giants comes to mind. So stick it where the sun don't shine.

For a more in depth but slightly different take on things, go to this lady's blog:

While I don't agree with a lot of what she says regarding the root cause, I believe the overall gist of things is dead on the money. Yep, we've been sold down the river by our bishops. Hang onto your rosary beads, the ride is going to get real interesting.

“The floor of hell is paved with the skulls of bishops.”
St. Athanasius, Council of Nicaea, AD 325


Adrienne said...

Sub - thanks for the link. What do you think is the root cause? I'd really like to know.

Subvet said...

Adrienne, I think it's a few things. For some it's plain hubris, they want to seem important by running with the big dogs of this world while forgetting they're not supposed to BE of this world. This cause seems to agree with some of what you say. For others it's a lack of spine, look at how Nancy Pelosi can say anything she wants regarding the Church and theres rarely a peep out of her bishop. For those not in either category it's plain stupidity. An example of the first and third cause would be those bishops handing out Communion through the southern border fence. It was a great photo op, proving how "compassionate" and politically correct they were. No mind was paid to whether or not the recipients were actually in a state of grace allowing them to receive the Body of Christ, that was actually what should always be placed front and center in the consciousness of all concerned. These weren't sticks of Juciy Fruit being handed out; it was the actual flesh of Christ! Yet that was placed on the back burner in order to score political points. How much more blasphemous does it get than that? If that isn't clearly against the 2nd Commandment then I'll eat my copy of the Catechism! As for what Ann Barnhardt & Co. favor as an explanation, maybe I'm as wrong as a football bat and it's actually a conspiracy of long standing. Does it really matter as the end result is the same? We see a weakening of the Church in our nation at a time when it can be least tolerated. If I wasn't careful of blasphemy on my own part I'd likely go to the cathedral in Dallas and start screaming halfway through our bishop's next homily. Hey I'm retired and bored out of my gourd; what have I got to lose? But who would that sort of rant really serve? I doubt it would be Christ and His Church. Pardon the rant but lately our bishops in general are really pissing me off. Thanks for stopping by!

Adrienne said...

Well said, Sub. And I agree with you on all of what you said.

"Does it really matter as the end result is the same?

No - I guess it doesn't really matter.

Have you ever watched Michael Voris' presentation on the CCHD? It's a bit over an hour, but worth the time. He also covers the Alinsky thing.

Adrienne said...

Here's an interesting read for you:

Left-footer said...

I completely agree. This is a terrifying time to be a Catholic.

God bless!

By the way, is "Ignorant Redneck" still blogging somewhere?

Adrienne said...

@Left-footer - IR (Mitch Smith) spends most of his time on Facebook now. I miss his posts. He was turning into one heck of a writer.

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