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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The DOJ revs up against thought crime.

Here's the link:

So let's see, we've an Administration that identified veterans, 2nd Amendment supporters, religiously devout men and women, anti abortion advocates and limited government enthusiasts as potential "right wing terrorists". That was just for starters.

Since then we've seen various government agencies arming themselves to the teeth, examples include the EPA, National Forestry Service, Social Security Administration. BTW, they each have their own SWAT style enforcement teams. This may have had it's genesis during previous Administrations but it's only now we hear of how they're buying up armor piercing ammo. Must be a coincidence, right?

We've seen the military's Equal Opportunity seminars in some places use the listing from the Southern Poverty Law Center which identifies fundamentalist Christian groups as possible terrorists.

There's an ongoing trend for local police departments to acquire surplus military equipment such as Mine Resistant Vehicles. That isn't happening only in the big cities either, lots of "Mayberry" type hamlets seem to be joining in also.

Theres a steady drumbeat for greater gun control of the civilian populace.

Thought crime prosecution is actively encouraged. That baker in Washington state who turned away a gay couple trying to buy a wedding cake was recently fined and told to have himself and his staff submit to "sensitivity training" aka reeducation.

We're still waiting to see how the Supremes rule as far as the requirement of the Affordable Care Act for employers to provide birth control/abortion coverage. I'm not betting the farm on a favorable outcome.

Yes Virginia, we're screwed. Next question.

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THIS is depressing!!
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