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Friday, July 12, 2013

Respect for the position held...

A comment I made on another blog was removed, evidently I was less than respectful about the conduct of the person the original post was about. Whatever.

I get that sort of treatment a lot and probably for whats considered good reason. Evidently someone who retired as a senior enlisted man in the military should act with more respect towards authority figures. The idea is to respect the position the person holds no matter what their own personal shortcomings are. Noted.

FWIW, over the years I've come to the conclusion that is the cheapest form of respect in existence. When it's the only one cited you can bet the person involved is basically standing on the shoulders of better men (or women) than they may ever be. They're sponging off the accomplishments of others who actually performed in an exemplary manner and brought a lot of credit to their position.

Somehow my reasoning gets little traction, mostly (IMO) because everyone wants to worship some idol. Just ignore those feet of clay and prostrate yourself, Chumly. Got it.

It reminds me of an old tale told about Socrates. He was boiling some bean soup as an acquaintance walked by who called out, "If you learned to say nice things to the king you wouldn't have to eat bean soup".

The response from Socrates was, "If you learned to how eat bean soup you wouldn't have to say nice things to the king".

You can take that one to the bank. My own favorite dish is boiled ham hocks with kidney beans and onions plus a side of corn bread. Thanks for listening.

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Old Bob said...

That dish sounds mighty good!
Of course your comments are always welcome to my eyes.

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