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Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Thought control in the 21st Century.

I see that two priests who withdrew their parish support for the BSA are now under fire from the left . Figures, only happily advocating that we're now in the best of all worlds since the Scouts opened their doors to flamboyantly gay boys will be tolerated. Dissenters will be bound in chains and cast into the outer darkness.

The next stage will be the coming to the fore of indoctrination of the young. THAT is what the real problem with the capitulation of the BSA is. Nobody ever checked on how the individual Scouts were sexually oriented, this was a trap from the get-go. By allowing themselves to be drawn into it the BSA is now trying to prove a negative, i.e. "We're not homophobes!". Good luck with that.

In allowing the subject to be raised it became important for the Scout leadership to prove their tolerance, by doing that the clear message is sent to our youth that "Gay is okay". And so the indoctrination continues, soon it will require actually proving you've engaged in gay sex to be accepted. We've gone from acceptance to open advocacy being the only preferred option. This is a culture mindset as was recently proven by a leaked DOJ instruction that specified silence on the topic could be viewed as dissent (

So what is the solution? IMO those of us with children can only teach them what is right and wrong to the best of our abilities. Is that enough? The only comfort I take is the knowledge that Christ said He would be with His Church until the end of time. Other than that, there is little cause for hope. I base this on personal experience with the school system here in Princeton. Because we DO need the services provided by the ADD Act, our kids go to public school. It requires constant vigilance even here. As an example; a few years back our oldest boy (six at the time) was REALLY obsessed with Halloween . We were hearing about what he wanted to dress up as in the middle of May for heaven's sake.

I put the brakes on that PDQ, letting him know that it's a phony "holiday" and that it actually could be used to celebrate anti Christian beliefs and practices. The following week I found that he had told one of his special needs teachers about it. Her response was "Tell your father that Halloween is mentioned in the Bible".

I never really found out where she was coming from. Since we were due for a formal meeting with the school administration to discuss his progress, the wife convinced me to let her handle it. I tend to act like a madman with a meat axe on certain topics and this would be one of them. Anyway, the teacher's comment was mentioned by the wife at that get together, we had no more problems with said teacher. She left at the end of the school year too.

But this illustrates how the mindset of "we know better than the parents" permeates the education system, even down here in supposedly uber red Texas.

So far this post has centered on the topic of the BSA's recent decision and fallout from it. There are other examples of concern for Americans in general and parents in particular.

This story here tells of how a soldier honoring the law of the land is seeing his career scuttled:

Real cute, huh?

As the current dust up with the IRS investigating multiple groups inimical to the present Administration shows, it doesn't pay to indulge in thought crime. Big Brother doesn't like dissenters.  We're seeing a lot of misdirection in this area also, a couple of weeks ago when the story was initially cresting I opened my copy of the local fish wrap to see headlines about Angelina Jolie having her boobs bobbed. That was top center of the front page. Now I'll grant it IS legitimate news, something a lot of women may be inspired by. After all in the name of preventive measures Ms. Jolie is trimming down her most noticeable acting assets (ever seen her movies? "Girl Interrupted" is the only one I recall without the T & A factor).

So while a story of how Brad Pitt has lost his two best friends should be published, it definitely DOES NOT need to be taking the place of an update on the IRS scandal. Or the investigation of what really happened at Benghazi. Or the outcome of the Kermit Gosnell trial. Bread and circuses, bread and circuses.

Where do I think its all going? IMHO we'll see a continuation of misdirection, more intimidation of those of us holding traditional values, a greater "celebration" of the new morality. It's the loss of morality that concerns me most. Hey, isn't every story I just cited rooted in a loss of morals?

At the end of the day anyone espousing traditional morality will do so at great risk. This will apply especially to parents. Since I want to stay focused this post will continue on about gay rights and our cultural indoctrination in that area. But to tell the truth most of this could also be said about other topics, just take your pick and apply at will.

When little Johnny tells "Teacher" that it's downright weird for his classmate to have two daddies, the results will make heads spin.

The parents of Johnny will be called up to speak to the school administration, being put on notice of the emotional trauma their little darling caused his classmate. The local LGBTQ advocates will swing into action by having the parents sued. CPS will get involved, they'll cite unnamed sources who detail how Johnny exhibits all the behavior of a severely abused child.

May God help the family of Johnny if  "Mom and Dad" stand their ground, the equivalent of pitchforks and torches will be broken out. Whichever parent is employed will find their employer deluged with hate mail. Their address and phone number will be spread across the Internet. Being "swatted" is a real possibility. The only acceptable response will be total capitulation with screams of "mea culpa" at top volume.

So we will not only have to teach our children to completely disregard all other sources of moral teaching, they'll have to learn to keep it quiet also. This will be done while enthusiastically avowing support for "gay rights". Remember, silence = disapproval.

As I stated earlier, the only thing I draw comfort from is the promise of Christ to stand with His Church until the end of time.

God's will be done and may He have mercy upon us all.


Old Bob said...

Your posts are some of the most depressing I read.
BUT they're true and you're right.
"God's will be done and may He have mercy on us all" -- AMEN!
Thank you!

Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus said...

Indoctrination is already happening. Witness the new cartoon on Hub TV for kids called "Shezow":

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