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Monday, February 11, 2013

Benedict XVI steps aside....

If these were tranquil idyllic times there would be no problem with an 85 yr. old man leading the Church.

They're not. IMHO he's acting with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, moving aside and clearing the decks for battles to come.

Time for the Church Militant to man Battle Stations, the Enemy is once again on the radar and will soon be in sight.

God's will be done and may He have mercy on us all.


ignorant redneck said...

Well, I'm in basic agreement with you, but in honor of our German Shepherd:

Vielicht, aber jetzt Ich Angst habe...

"Perhaps, but now I am afraid". Afraid of what? Afraid of the Cardinal Electors! If they are open to the Holy Spirit we will get a good Pope, if not, we may end up with the equivalent of the Borgias, or even a return to the Pornotopia of the 9th century. Perhaps, we could end up with an anti-pope.

That 9th century thing, that's the one that scares me--a time when the Papacy was dominated behind the scenes by a group of politically minded European women. The LCWR would love that.

Subvet said...

You bring up good points. All we can do is remember Christ has promised His Church would endure till the end of time.

We're under the curse of living in interesting times.

Nunly said...

Scary times indeed. I agree with your first commenter...We don't know who will be controlling the hearts of our Cardinal Electors, and I can only pray that it will be the Holy Spirit. I'm so sick of seculars who look on this as a political game, it's much more serious to me than electing a President.

God help us all.

Always On Watch said...

The WaPo recently ran an essay opining that the next Pope should be a nun.

The world has gone off its rocker, I think!

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