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Friday, January 04, 2013

Poisoning some kid's pet.

The other day I spied two dogs running loose in the neighborhood. Neither had a collar or tags and there certainly wasn't anyone running after them. They weren't threatening me or the kids as we went outside but I know absolutely zip about rabies and what might set a mutt off to bite someone. So I stopped at the local police station (located two blocks away) and reported them. The cop I spoke to assured me the animal control officer would check it out and set traps for the dogs. Okay, problem solved. Or so I thought.

Today as my kids and I get out of the minivan I see the same two mutts, running loose again. This isn't the first time I've been given a line of BS by the local cops, probably won't be the last either.

So I filled a bowl with anti freeze and set it out at the head of my driveway. This is how I discouraged a bunch of cats from hanging around my place a few years back, I really got tired of the smell of cat piss whenever I opened the front door. I'm sure the anti freeze will work equally well with dogs. If the owners can't be bothered taking care of "Fido" and the cops won't do their job then I'll just poison the sons of bitches. End of story.

I really hate doing this crap, I'm always bothered by the thought that some kid like my five year old daughter will be sobbing as her pet is put down due to the renal failure brought on by drinking anti freeze. But what the hell else do I do? I've my own kids to worry about. Let one of them get nipped by some animal without tags, have the mutt run off and I'll be faced with my child getting rabies shots. Last I heard, that was a brutal experience to say the least.

Asking around the neighborhood in order to find the dogs' owner won't work either. For some reason a fair number of neighbors consider me persona non grata. That isn't my paranoia kicking in either. As an example; not too long ago I took my kids to a local park just up the street from our sub development. There was a family there, turned out it was the group living diagonally across the street from me. I sat down on a nearby bench and glanced over to say hello.

They never looked at me. They never spoke to me. Their kids did their best to ignore mine. It's been this way since they moved in almost six years ago.

Ten minutes later they up and left.

Whatever. I'm too old to try to figure out why some folks give me the cold shoulder. Life isn't a popularity contest, sometimes people dislike you because you're too tall, too short, too smart, too stupid, too fat, too skinny, the wrong skin color, the wrong sex, are in the military, out of the military. You name it, someone will despise you for it. For some reason this is how a fair number of my neighbors relate to me. I really have no idea why. Screw 'em.

Oddly enough, the black couple that lives beside us get along just fine with me and mine. Go figure. FWIW, they're the only blacks (although they seem to get along okay with the other neighbors). Maybe they're just glad we live here, the former owner was a stereotypical small town cop from all I've heard and seen. He might have given them some grief. I know we don't throw wild assed parties like he did, maybe thats why we're unpopular with some of the other residents. Whatever.

So the dogs get poisoned, maybe some other animals will too. I've my children to worry about and trusting that some idiot who owns a free roaming animal has had their pet properly vaccinated but forgot to put their tags on just isn't in my game plan.

But the thought of a sobbing little girl watching her pet die still bugs the snot out of me. If someone is going to own an animal they should take proper care of it.


Thanks for listening.


Nunly said...

Well....don't know what to say. I'm not in favor of poisoning dogs, cats, etc. and I can understand your frustration and worry about the kids. But, there had to be a better way. Even if you didn't want to catch them yourself, just call a "rescue" place and "say" you are going to poison them if they don't pick them up. This will most likely bring them out pronto. The animal control in the towns are usually useless.

Anonymous said...

See, we had the opposite situation happen about 5 times. We loved our dogs. Took care of them (for crying out loud, we had a 50 pound beagle--mother seemed to eat vicariously through him...)Our neighbor, who hates everybody repeatedly poisoned them. He'd poison one and we'd get another and he'd poison that one. We didn't realize what was going on until we practically caught him in the act with dog number 5. He even killed my favorite--a sweet little beagle puppy--two weeks before Christmas. So I have been that girl you mention BUT, we took care of those dogs unlike the dogs in your situation, they never got out of the yard. Never hurt anyone. They were house dogs for the most part. The guy just liked to screw with people (he even stalked my brother).
I have been in a position somewhat akin to yours, however. I do understand where you are coming from. Two years ago my low life brother brought home 3 dogs and left me and my mother to take care of them. They are wild and destructive and bark ceaslessly. They have literally destroyed our house. Neighbors have complained and my mother even had to appear in court because they got loose and now has to pay a fine to the city. Why doesn't she get rid of them? Because she couldn't live with herself, knowing that they'd be put down if she sent them to the pound. But she can live with herself having the entire neighborhood in danger (they do bite), the peace and quiet constantly disturbed (one dog will literally bark 24/7, no kidding) her own sanity and house ruined, the expense of caring for 3 large dogs with no returns (they are chained up outside, no one pets them, no one plays with them, my mother simply sustains their homeostasis) having the embarrassment of appearing in court, paying a several hundred dollar fine. Honestly, I have been so close to taking those dogs out back and reenacting Old Yellar. Do what you have to do for the sake of everyone, as I tell my mother, they are just dogs and when they no longer serve their purpose and man's best friend, especially when they are a detriment to everyone else, get the shot gun, and get ready to try dog meat and wear a beautiful dog fur stole (one of the dogs has gorgeous--and I mean GORGEOUS fur).
Another point, I hear you on the weird hate vibes. I just graduated with a degree in agriculture at a small middle of nowhere school in the buckle of the Bible belt. I had a bunch of things going against me: I didn't grow up on a farm. I'm black (the KKK actually meets not far from my undergrad school). I'm Catholic. I wasn't from the same county as everyone else. I don't talk or dress like a farmer. I received special attention from my teachers because, while they grew up on farms, they were pure scientists, with degrees in plant biology and while I want a farm one day, I am totally into the scientific parts of agriculture--they are the ones who got me to grad school. And boy did those kids hate me! I was fine with it as they kept it civil in class until my very last week of school when they started to lash out and racial comments were made. Something I took from the situation is that you can hate me all you want, you can talk about me behind my back, but keep it civil to my face and we'll all be alright.
I hope your dog situation works out.
God bless and Merry Day 10 of Christmas!

Subvet said...

Nunly, I'll give that a try. Thanks.

Subvet said...

CWP, thanks. We're close enough to the undeveloped portion of the area that exposure to wild animals is a real possibility for any pets running loose. On more than one occasion I've had to detour around skunks at night while I was out walking. There are reports of other wildlife too, so who knows what any particular animal might pick up. I won't risk my kids, end of story on that one.

As for the neighbors, that'll resolve itself in one fashion or another. I'm often tempted to initiate some sort of confrontation but when you're 6'3' and heavyset theres an automatic bias against any justifying of that. So I'll just bide my time. I'm pretty much a home fixit type, asan example I saved over 800 dollars a few years back doing my own plumbing repairs. So theres a good chance my neighbors will swallow their pride at some point and start coming to me for "favors".

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