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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Either our youth are in trouble or I'm a stinking superman

Back in March after having my knee replaced our old TV set died. Although we don't watch any current shows, the thing got used for DVD's and internet movies (our kids love Netflix).

Anyway, the wife shopped around and ordered a replacement. Before it came in we needed the old one moved to our garage. While she was asleep I picked the sucker up and did it. Still catching hell from her on that one, I don't know if she's pissed because I carried that set so soon after my surgery or because there were no problems with doing it. Go figure.

Today I took the thing to Best Buy for recycling. The nice young man, easily less than half my age (60) accepts it from me, places a sticker on the thing and then asks a coworker for help to move it five yards.

So a fat retired sub sailor with a new knee is able to do singlehandedly what it take two men young enough to be his sons to do.

We're in deep shit, cause I sure ain't no superman. God help us all.


Old Bob said...

I'm 68 and I think our youth are in deep shit. Like at the bottom of the Marianas Trench.

Mike in CT said...

Of course he could pick it up, but he'd probably get fired for carrying it himself. Most chain companies are extremely aware of OSHA.

Subvet said...

Old Bob, exactly.

Subvet said...

Mike in CT, I hadn't thought of that and you might be right. Sometimes workplace rules make no sense whatsoever, especially when they're driven by fear of government interference.

Nunly said...

Yeah, kids these days. I can carry heavier boxes than my 22 year old son....embarrassing. I try to make excuses but it all boils down to he's a lazy wimp and I'm not. But I love him anyway. :-D

ABNPOPPA said...


OSHA rules or not, TV carrying or not, we are basically having a generation of self serving, my way or the highway, spoiled, well I can't use the word I prefer but wussies will do!

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