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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Will the voices of Administration critics soon be silenced?

Pay no never mind to the facts, the same facts brought out by the President of Libya and others. The Obama Administration is intent on blaming an exercise in freedom of speech for what happened and continues in the Middle East:

Hey, this was the same Administration whose followers have noted you should never let a crisis go to waste, right?

So what happens next? If there are additional problems that can be attributed to an "excess" of First Amendment use will we see efforts to curtail that Amendment? Will an Executive Order be issued (on late Friday afternoon after all the MSM lap dogs have gone to their kennels) that shuts down the Internet, proscribes criminal penalties for "irresponsible" speech, etc.?

I know that sounds like tinfoil hat thinking, I hope it is. But we've seen this Administration do whatever in hell it wanted to with scant regard for Constitutional limits. Examples would include the HHS mandate, refusal to defend DOMA, refusal to actively enforce the immigration laws (yeah, according to the MSM there have been a record number of arrests for being in the country illegally. Just how many of those arrested were treated to a "catch and release" policy?), refusal to actively prosecute the New Black Panthers for voter intimidation, instigating the "Fast and Furious" program that has resulted in at least two American deaths and God only knows how many Mexican casualties, etc. and etc.

So tell me that tinfoil hat thinking isn't warranted, you'll have an easier time selling me a portion of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Just how many of our fellow countrymen would even give a damn if the Internet was suddenly censored? Leave the porn sites and social media largely untouched and it wouldn't be considered any big deal. Those of us complaining would be silenced PDQ.

Maybe my outlook is warped, maybe I take things out of context. But my personal experiences with our fellow Americans have been less than reassuring over the last four or five decades. Examples of this include a close relative who wouldn't vote for G.W. Bush "because his eyes are too close together". No, I'm not making that up. Another example is a former shipmate whom I once asked his opinion about some now forgotten current event (this was in 1977). His reply of "I don't really watch or read anything like the news" left me with my jaw hanging open. Another would be the very self assured woman in the waiting area of my kid's therapists' office who asserted "America needs a President who is black from a Muslim background." Well she was about 25% right, he's half black. I'll finish by referencing my brother-in-law who was assured by a native of Viet Nam that we Americans "don't need all those freedoms". This sage of the age was hacking the cab in Hanoi my BIL was riding in.

Too many folks like these have crossed my path over the years, so if I'm warped it's for good reason.

No, I seriously doubt the average man in the street either knows enough or cares enough to defend our freedoms. If anyone wants to argue the point, explain why there is always such an embarrassingly low voter turnout on Election Day.

So as long as the bread and circuses are coming in, whoever is in the Oval Office will get away with whatever they desire. I think we'll see the truth of that all too soon.

God have mercy on us all, may His will be done.

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Always On Watch said...

Rarely do I watch Meet the Press. But, for whatever reason, I did this morning. I gasped.

Where is America headed to?

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