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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Is it time to rig for ultra quiet?

Lately I wonder about continuing to voice my opinion on this blog. I wonder if it isn't an exercise in stupidity. If I truly believe that we're in for a rough time in this nation, that soon all dissenters will be actively persecuted, then don't I owe it to my family to keep a lower profile? Yes, those are my ever increasing beliefs.

Hey, this isn't one of the heavy hitters in the blogosphere, I have all of 74 followers. Definitely not in the same league as Powerline, Michelle Malkin, or even Prison Planet or World Net Daily. This is just a little POS blog whose owner spends too much time carping about current affairs. I'm a nobody, probably not a blip on the screen.

But once the persecution goes into high gear, just who will be considered too small to bother with?

What keeps me doing this are a few things: A) My wife would cheerfully strangle me if I went back to bruising her ears with my rants and opinions. The woman is a saint but everyone has their breaking point. B) You never know when something you say or do helps somebody else out. C) As bad as my paranoia is, by airing things out and checking what other bloggers have to say my feet still remain reasonably close to planet Earth.

However it will soon be time to act accordingly in regards to current events and to stop the idle bitching, moaning and groaning. For me "act accordingly" will entail keeping my mouth shut, eyes & ears open and not volunteering a damned thing.

I'll close with the following video link. FWIW, "silent running" or "ultra quiet" as it's also known, is a condition where all non-essential machinery and equipment is shut down in order to minimize the noise generated by a submarine. It's done to evade detection. Sleep tight and sweet dreams, here's the link:


Mike in CT said...

I've had the same questions in my mind, but in the end with the "eternal" nature of things on the Internet, going underground to avoid detection is at this point, moot.

Jessica said...

I think there is danger is option B - but comfort in option C. If you go, I will miss your rants, but understand that family comes first. God bless you!

Subvet said...

Mike, it's a point well made. Might as well keep on keeping on.

Subvet said...

Jessica, if we don't have family just what do we have? I'll keep on going for the forseeable future, Mike made a valid point. But at some time it might get downright interesting for all who blog.

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