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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The further evolution of tolerance.


So now battle lines are being drawn over the personal comments made by the head of Chik-fil-A. In an interview with a religiously based publication the man airs his views and he, his business, all the employees associated with it (probably at least a few gay ones there just going by the law of averages), are raked over the coals.

Gee, how tolerant.

My own prediction is that the issue of "tolerance" won't die here. As a nation we'll become more polarized, more entrenched in our views, not just on the topic of gay "marriage" but other areas also. Pick an issue, any issue.

Those of us on the side of traditional values will get sick and tired of defending ourselves against accusations of bigotry, hate, avarice, etc., ad infinitum ad nauseum. The response to such idiocy will either be "whatever" or a cheerful assent to any evil quality we're accused of. Why the hell bother defending yourself if it's just a waste of breath?

Soon the verbal attacks will become physical, look for Chik-fil-A outlets to be vandalized. This will be met with lukewarm condemnation by the MSM and our supposed liberal intelligentsia. The implicit acceptance will be seen an invitation for more violent acts not only concerning this issue but all others. Don't hold your breath waiting for any victims to suffer in silence either. What goes around will come back around.

After that will come a demand for affirmations of loyalty issued by the forces of progressive thought. I'll bet we see a few on the other side also. Anyone declining will be deemed fair game for harassment of any kind, the days of trying to straddle a fence will be long gone. Forget about living in peace and minding your own damned business, you'll be required to mind everyone else's also. Naysayers will be found guilty until proven innocent (lotsa luck there!).

Maybe I'm as wrong as a football bat, I sure hope so. God's will be done, may He protect us all in the coming years.


Amtak said...

Speaking as another Navy veteran (World War II), I am dismayed that someone who professes to be a Catholic Christian would post a toilet as the "proper place for the Koran". We have many islamic Americans who are as loyal to the U.S. as you claim to be (some are friends of mine). The Pope has already apologized for his Church's barbaric Crusades - can't you come off it now? But as you say, those offended by your gross opinions can go piss up a rope. Nice Christian guy. Regrets we were in the same Navy.

Subvet said...

Blah, blah, blah. Go chase yourself.

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